Rick Clark, the sheriff of Pickens County, South Carolina, is refusing to lower the flag to half-staff to honor the life of Nelson Mandela, publicly defying the orders of President Barack Obama.

After Mandela died on December 5 at the age of 95-years-old, Obama issued a declaration ordering all U.S. flags—from the White House to government buildings and military outposts—to be flown at half-staff through sunset on Monday, December 9. A rare honor for a foreign dignitary that Clark doesn’t feel Madiba deserves.

Despite all that Mandela did for global peace and democracy, because he wasn’t America, Clark feels that only South Africa should honor him and posted the following on his Facebook page:


After one commenter repeatedly posted that President Obama had the right to order the flags lowered Clark responded with the following.


Pickens deleted his disrespectful comment about Mandela, and replaced it with the following.

  • Mister Mister

    These C.ACs kill me with the blatant disrespect

  • lokey

    Obamas orders were for FEDERAL government buildings. He has nothing to do with states counties or cities.

    This is exactly what i mean by mofokrs always reaching for sh1t.

    • Greg4422

      It’s called RESPECT ASSHOLE

      • MoorThugRelated

        Naw Greg I got kinda pissed at first but I agree now. Obama had no business doing that. Did we fly at half for the Pope when he passed? I don’t think so. Mandela had the media in a frenzy and many ppl learned a lot about him. He wasnt Amercan. Leave it at that.

        • Greg4422

          But why post it on it on facebook? he was trying to cause an uproar….maybe we should deny his department federal funding from now on

          • MoorThugRelated

            “We” ain’t denying him nothing. And what good would that do? Its one mans words hendering his whole county. I still feel like Obama was stupid for asking the country to do that for a non American.

        • naledgestate

          State and local municipalities can do whatever they want with their flags. Many of which, have their own flag codes, which im sure Obama is clearly aware of, so claiming that Obama’s decree as stupid is a moot point.

          It’s not about Mandela being an American, it’s about a man who essentially gave his life for freedom, which is one of, if not, the most important principle this country was founded on.

  • Atlien

    just another local sheriff who refuses to follow president Obama’s request..

  • Big P

    A race war is inevitable in this country

    • MoorThugRelated

      And who’s dumb enough to actually fight? I won’t. Who would I shoot? Do we all just stop going to work? This country has been here a long time and has seen much worse race conditions and it hasn’t happened then. Why now? Don’t answer.

      • Big P

        You ignorant little man. Do your history. Rosewood, Florida in

      • Big P

        You ignorant little man. Do your history! Rosewood, Florida in 1923. Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Philadelphia in 1985. The crackers will kill you without a second thought or regret. All I’m saying is that everything flips around. It is just a matter of time. Look at the shit going on in the middle east. And u dont think they are trying to bring that shit to the USA???!!?!? And by the way,,, dont ever in your miserable, corny life talk to me that way again. “Dont answer” ……… who the fuck this dude think he is. U DEFINITELY Aint “Thug Related”……. more like DUCK RELATED…….Fuck outta here…..and go pick up a book or something

    • Greg4422

      That race war shit is stupid…the country would be destroyed, the economy would collapse…one thing the white man loves more that claiming racial superiority and that’s wealth…if he loses that…whats the point in there even being an America?

      • Big P

        I hear you Greg. The powers that be are trying to stop that from happening Thats why they created “Patriot Act” laws.

        • MoorThugRelated

          Should I even reply? The Patriot Act was made after 9/11 to stop a race war? Nah!

  • MaseratiPT

    i live in greenville south carolina right round corner from pickens county….most white ppl in pickens are races fucks simple ass that he trying to hide behind the fact that mandela not an american but we round here know exactly what the real deal is

  • truthteller

    Everybody living here thats not a native american or mexican americam that was here before white man stole this country is not a real american so that has nothing to do wit it…you should just show your respect for a man that open alot of people’s eyes to the problems in the world smh….

    • naledgestate

      ^^^^ this.

      • I agree with the moral aspect behind Obama’s actions but when someone says your not a real American b/c the white man stole the land? That really only applies to the white men that stole the land. I was born in the US so I’m a real American regardless of who stole what centuries ago.

  • Now Thats Pcp

    The bigot will always be ignorant,uncaring n stubborn so y care…lets spend time honoring Mandelas legacy n educate others about his mission ..funny hes labeled a terrorist yet Whites invaded S Africa n oppressed the people in there own land . N in there eyes, that’s Ok because its the invisible hand of God smh….