As expected, the Eagles will take advantage of a provision in Michael Vick’s contract and won’t release the quarterback before a Wednesday deadline guarantees him $3 million, sources close to the situation said.

The clause permits the Eagles to keep Vick on the roster until the start of free agency starts on March 12 without having to pay the guaranteed figure as long as another team picks him up or pays him more than $3 million.

Wednesday was once thought to be D-day for Vick and the Eagles, but the offsetting provision buys new coach Chip Kelly some time before he has to make a decision on the 32-year-old quarterback.

The Eagles aren’t expected to bring Vick back at the $15.5 million salary in his contract. It is unclear if either side would be willing to renegotiate. Vick will have suitors if the Eagles release him. The Birds also have Nick Foles under contract.

  • jamar

    Dallas needs to kick Phony Romo to the curb and go after M. Vick.

  • presto 2.5

    Nick Foles?….over the Vick experience?…Nick Foles??…Stopit

    get a fuk’n O line that can hold water…these whytefolk kill’n me praying on this niccas downfall…shyt a few more years like the one he had this year…and he’ll be walking around like ALI…lol…(What?)…lol

    **Mike Vick signing his name after 2 more years of Eagles Line**

    /\/| i l< E \/ l ( l< ….lol

    let it have been Manning or Brady….and the whole O line would be on the chopping block..