After leaving the club last night I seen Lil Scrappy firing shots at Souja Boy about not knowing he was dropped by Interscope label. The only thing was he didn’t @ him, once everyone noticed they got the message to Soulja Boy.

Ever since then the two have been exchanging words about thing like rapper Diamond, who is Soulja’s current girlfriend and Scrappy’s Ex, Soulja Boy being gay and a drug addict.. Read for your self below..




  • Tye_Law

    Get em Scrap

  • Marv

    why does Scrappy write like an 8 y.o?

  • god

    see i would not listen to neither one of these fools music maybe in the club but just rolling around….nah …… NOW in their future interviews they will get asked about this so called “beef”….. its a good marketing tool i guess

  • god

    P.S… long as this beef stay on the internet soul boy will win buuuut if it go street scrappy will mop the floor with him lol

  • MoorFedayeen

    Neither one of these clowns get radio or club play. Scrap outweighs this dude by like 80 lbs so even if he wins, which he will, he still ends up a loser. I still wanna see it though.

    • bighomie53

      Me too…

    • BzB

      if you a lil dude running your mouth to a bigger cat and he smack fire out your face then lesson learned. don’t act / talk all tough if you can’t back it up. that said, some lil cats know how to knuckle up. soulja don’t look like one of them cats though…he the type to talk sh1t from behind his security.

      • presto 2.5

        yeah…”kinda like how i be smack’n tha shyt outta these Tc’s for talkin reckless toward the ANS MeGaCorporation Kings…these lil toothpick azz niccas gotta lotta mouth til dey get smacked right outta they dusty azz Tims…by some real G’z”…lol

        **@Moor walks out his front door**


        **Prest**…”Thats for all the dumb shyt you’ve said on ANS 2012″…lmao!

        MegaCorp 2013…VOTE MALIAH MICHEL…”100% NATRUAL!…the way nature intended”

        • Queso (The Corp)

          @pres all day kid!

        • President Ward

          You love picking on that n*gga….lmao! @Moor u about too cry?

          Wolfpack Inc.

          • President Ward

            Talking too @2.5

        • MoorFedayeen

          ^^^This lil nikka finally got his internet back on and the 1st thing he do is come at the General. This Detroit, we don’t use hands boi

          • MoorFedayeen

            And @Perez Hilton stay d1ck riding n1ggas that use to pick on him when he should be thinking like Alley Boy-its fukc everybody.

          • President Ward

            @Moor you rejected me from TC.

            H0e MOVE!

          • presto 2.5

            nicca weighs a buck 43…got $13.78 to his name…but calls himself the “General”?…lmao!

            yall some lil “Tree House” niccas…lol

            MGC…”Get’n @ That Cake”

            TC…”Play’n 2k13″…lol

            and stop it wit all the gun talk @Moorfeen…you aint bout that lyfe…prest can tell…lmfao!…#RealG’z

  • President Ward

    Two wack as dudes. PEACE!

  • SupremeJuan3000

    Hmmmmm I don’t like either of them but Soulja Boy was always wack , seriously lacked talent to me and has girly way’s . We all know Scrap will win in a fist fight but Soulja Boy most likely has more ni$$a’s on his payroll so the fight will never take place …