Somaya Reece Headed To The Club

· July 12, 2012

Check out Somaya Reece headed to the club pictures inside. She was walking in and turning all the way up. Somaya Reece dissed Olivia, talked about getting licked right and her smaller bo**** during her Bay area WILD 94.9 interview.

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Discussion32 Comments

  1. Playboy69 says:

    Somaya Reece is like LOST MEMBER OF LOVE & HIP-HOP NY! She is FORGOT…LOL!

  2. TYBO2020 says:


  3. NoBS says:


  4. *Offers bp contract to somaya*..”baby u looking good…great make over”

  5. somaya looking ripe.

  6. 313Deuce says:

    Damn somaya looking real good now. I see playboy 69 in the third pic tryin to help ol girl wit her drink after she splashed it on him.

  7. Red BP says:

    She done got back fine But 3 years ago she was FINE as Hell

  8. realtalkldn says:

    she looking real real good. body lookin real nice

  9. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

    Certified thickness,she’s in my top 10 if not higher

  10. HerBabyDaddy says:

    Damn Somaya

  11. Cutta says:

    Reduction? Where?

  12. treydarealest1 says:

    Looking like she did 8 years, ago looking good

  13. wobeli says:

    impressive, good change

  14. 828Heffe says:

    Dont get me wrong Somaya Resse is bad, but the women in El Salvador (She Salvadorian) are just as fine if not better. Trust me on that one yall

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