So Tupac Had A Daughter We Never Seen Before?

· March 13, 2012

You can be the judge of this paternity case file. Do you think that she is Tupac’s daughter?

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  1. BigBlackDude says:

    Different, he probably had many!

  2. judge joe brown says:

    Maybe… Maybe not…cant say

  3. Lmao!!! This ain’t a real picture. She got a big azz face/head LOL #teamchocolate chick. *@red voice*…”she got some sexy eyebrows”…LOL

    • too_funny says:

      damn that look like @Bstrait wit a perm … @crabs @trap @queso @BBD in their church robes singing “BP’s back, BP’s back … all eyes on Portia now picture us rolling, got a brand new Pinto but the hubcaps are stolen”


      “To Infinity and Beyond”

      • Lmao, what dude wanna mess with a chick that looks like tupac??? *toofunny raises hand*…”hell yeah I would B….I hope she got a thug life tramp stamp & shaves her head bald so I could really be into her”…lmfao!!! @toofunny aka Damon from Friday after next…”tupac..tupac..tupac…damn u r fine”..lmao!!!

        • queso BP.1 says:


        • presto 2.0 says:

          LMAO!…”@2bummy would make love to her…bumping “All Eyes on Me”….wishing it was the real Pac!”…lol

          **@2funny**….”oh hell yeah Pac…Right There!”

          **SHORTY VOICE**…”my name is Kay…and why do i have to wear this bandana around my head?”…LMAO!

          • too_funny says:

            @presto voice … hey B, my bad I mean Suge … wit this perm niccas never gonna know i just moved from the east coast…

            @Bstrait … naw homie you look like a darkskin Portia … matter of fact put on these exclusive BP PJ butt pads while i get the camera … we bout to get paid

            @presto voice … bet and grab you some heels … you can pose wit me as Keani, you got those big azz “dinosaur feet” just like her…


          • presto 2.0 says:

            ROTFLMFAO!!!!!…”well damn…@2bummy is feeling good 2day”…”you got me”

            **Presto waiting on a bogus comment from @2bummy’s stankin azz**

            “Suge Knight”…lmao!

          • Lmao….good ish @toofunny

          • too_funny says:

            @Bstrait voice … oh yeah call @queso … since he look like Floyd Mayweather he can pass for Krya Chaos

            @presto voice … especially when he does those 100 pushups in 2 mins, have his chest bulging in his infamous white tee

            @Bstrait voice … what white tee

            @presto voice … the one he got on in his avatar

          • too_funny says:

            lmao @presto @bstrait @queso … wassup fellas

          • queso BP.1 says:

            @toofunny Lmfao ctfu u wild kid.

          • BigBlackDude says:

            @too-funny, like Moor asked you the other night “Too Funny, whatchu sippin on?”

  4. wobeli says:

    This is wild LOL, can’t call it.

  5. Chiefrocka#1 says:

    Nah, that’s his son.

  6. kool-guy says:

    i knew 2-pac was still alive

  7. Guru51 says:

    She looks like a he…

  8. ReEsYcUp31 says:

    Yall need to stop playin!!! Thats a man!!!

  9. Greg4422 says:

    is that a tiny arm?

  10. BzB says:

    lol @ her eyebrows looking like bert from sesame street. she need to chill with that.

  11. USMC says:

    Man, I use to be a big 2pac fan until now. If he think he gon pull this gay ish off, he’s crazy! Dude just continue to live in Canada! ROFLMAO!

  12. williedynamite says:

    thats a man, baby … *austin powers voice*

  13. Good One says:

    I hear they have a unreleased single remix coming out as well.

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