Through everything that Chad Johnson has been through with Evelyn Lozada he still confesses his love for her via Twitter.


So Apparently Chad Johnson Still Loves Evelyn Lozada

  • C’mon now. He was just saying he loved everybody. He just happened to mention her . # it’s nuthing

  • RED(MGC World)

    Smh…..I said it before and I’ll say it again he should’ve just kept Evelyn as a smash option..never should’ve put a ring on her finger.

    • lazarus


      • NoWhiteInMyCup


        nicca got issues ……… still be on twitter inboxing biiitches trying to send them shoes and spend half the day posting pics of shoes and clothes

        n.cca is pretencious and immature and too grown for that shiiiit, he should be posting pics of businesses or investments, worst than a 17 year old …….. the main reason why no one takes him serious

  • 828jeffe

    +2. You know she is stupid. She told the man on National T.V he can cheat but then goes ham over condoms? Then says he attacked her when all she does is blank out and fight chicks. Dude is an idiot

  • Greg4422

    If a woman you’re in any kind of relationship with calls the police on you…walk away and never look back. The End

  • desolation

    love for a bitch like that ? not now, not ever or even wasted or on occasion. The nicest thing I could say about evelyn if I was him is the same thing Luda told chingy when they fell out : ” I wish you well but I want nothing more to do w/ you. “

  • Blaq Cezr

    I think this nigga might be suicidal……them twits just sound suspect to me…..

    • Truth Disciple

      …I was thinking the same thing…

  • blizzy

    Can we crown him king simp already…