Big Sean appeared as the latest guest on Snoop Lion’s online talk show, GGN. After burning one down, Big Sean talked about how he met Kanye and made his way into rap, while Uncle Snoop drops gems along the way. At one point, he even shares a crazy story about his first time meeting Nas in his hometown.

“Ni**a, I love you too, but lemme tell you this: any other ni**a you love in L.A., you better see that ni**a in a hotel or at a concert ’cause jumping out in the streets is not safe,”

Snoop said he joked to Nas after the NY rapper brazenly ran up on him while wearing all an all red tracksuit in a crip neighborhood.

After sharing some more laughs, Snoop and Sean ended things by going over the proper way to puff puff pass in fancy hotels.

  • Mister Mister

    LOL@ whhoop dee whoop & that weather girl, who was that?

    Snoop is hilarious

    • Snoop should of had his own TV show years ago.

      • Realtalkin


  • NoSoldier

    When Snoop dies, you can probably break his brain down into dimes and nicks and blaze it.