Smashing or Passing(Poll)? Thick Midget Stripper

· November 10, 2010

Its been a minute since we had a “Smashing or Passing” poll. Would you smash or pass on this thick midget stripper??

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  1. mandingo says:

    would not touch that bish

  2. MisterMidas says:

    Man I cant even comment on smashin or passin….I just busted out lmao when I saw the thread title. LOL, Hahz you a damn fool dog!!

  3. ATL Tony says:

    i would trick off in the strip club to smash 1 time to just say i hit a midget with a fat ass, because i wouldnt want to get close to her and have her callin me and shit i would feel bad ignoring her calls.

  4. Chicago "Blue" Green says:

    LMAO… if she was a cutie w/a lil more titty… but my ignant ass would smash a midget just to say I did, maybe not this one… Naw…lol, MAYBE NOT THIS ONE!!! Nice dookie shoot tho!!!

  5. the14u says:

    who da hell is da chick in da red?? im smashin her fuck da midget

  6. mr.portcity says:


  7. moorfedayeen says:

    Man this go w/o saying…or does it for some of these weirdos out here? No respectable club would allow such f*ckery.

    ….and why the hell do they even make fishnets that small?!?!

  8. melloluver says:

    nice a$$…that’s about it.

  9. jerseybrotha says:

    Yes I’d smash it!

  10. TruthRevealer says:

    Aint nothing wrong with smashin if she looked good but she looks like a dude with implants that too hormone pills. Face is busted and titties are virtually nonexistent.

  11. Nuttyboy says:

    I’m passing that. I’ll hit if she was the only woman available in the world, but I’d have to be drunk and high. lol

  12. DHaynes says:

    The 93 votes that said they WOULD HIT THIS MIDGET ARE DEAD ASS WRONG! There should be a law against having that bullshit go on in a club, PERIOD! Unless its a Vertically Challenged (Midget) club!
    moorfedayeen… You are crazy as hell!!! That fishnet comment was CLASSIC!!! TOO DAMN FUNNY, Yet TRUE!! For real fellas (and ladies), PLEASE tell me you are not serious that you WOULD knock off THIS lil person? Really?? Kidding right? Please…

  13. Mr Nice Guy says:

    LMAO….remember seeing the sexiest midget @ Chic Fil A….wanted to holla so bad, actually was headed that way, then saw her step up into one of those plastic baby booster car seats to see over the dashboard…….Almost……LOL…. ;-)

  14. joed says:

    I would smash a thick midget, just not this one and I wouldn’t make a habit of I don’ seen a decent thick midget or a chick that was close to the size who looked waaaay better than this gremlin wit a donk.

  15. moorfedayeen says:

    I can’t believe y’all! Are you f*ckin kidding me??? I guess you learn something new everyday-you niggas crazy as cat shit. Pass

  16. Cold and hot says:

    Hell Lil people need love too, sh1t they eat, sleep, drink and f&ck like us regular people do. But to answer your question NOPE. It’ll be like screwing with a child,they look funny as hell, and I don’t even understand why it’s midget porn out there. But I think all midgets got fat ass by default because of the way they bodies is made.

  17. gphi says:

    PASS…As much as I like short women(& I do like short women), because I’m short myself, she’s too short for even me LOL. PEACE!!!

  18. lethal interjection says:

    my boy smashed two midgets the other day. He loved that sh1t!

  19. Chicago "Blue" Green says:

    Man… Bruz need to stop lying to themselves… IF ya’ll caught a Beyonce, Halle Berry, Bria Myles chick that was as u say “vertically challenged” bruz wouldn’t hit… Yea ok!!! save that ish!!!

    Imma tell you how it’s gone go… Man shawty nice but she just – what? she just what- short? Yea, man let me hit that spliff a few more times… Bartender a double shot of Remy on top of the fif ya’ll cats done already smashed… Man 4 guess what I smashed lil mama… Man G that ish was fun… Look fam I was standing in front of the mirror while she was knobbing me, and I threw a lil azz in the air and caught…lmao Omg that ish was too funny & shawty had some good good too… Not the mention all the dough she got from the tricks in the club. Bruz need to get that Shallow Hal ish outta here and be real… I’m not saying this chick, but u see yo fav chick who just happens to be a lil person, n u not gone smash???

  20. DHaynes says:

    Normally I agree 100% wit my man Chi-Blue, but I couldnt do it… Not even if she look like Christina Milian! (That says alot!) I am still laughin about that story tho, PRICELESS!! (Threw in the air and caught!!) I am sorry but I have to draw the line somewhere. I aint gonna lie, the thought would enter my mind, I am a man right. But after a few drinks I would think (No, REALLY think) and decide otherwise. THIS midget is scary lookin too. PICTURE THIS…
    After you get thru hittin and have to close your eyes for a few minutes to get your mind right (You know how we do) and you open your eyes and THAT LIL MONSTER is sittin on you chest sayin, “HI… READY TO GO AGAIN!” Eyes buck and shit… Lookin like a black ass chucky! Nigga, I am like a DRUNK TRACK STAR, out tha DOOR!!! This is why I say, Naw… I’ll pass! Peace fellas!! (and Ladies!)

    • Chicago "Blue" Green says:

      That’s 100 my Ninja… We can agree to disagree… I’m just an ignant MF at times and my dumb azz would do it just to say I’ve done a (Not this one tho!!!, No OFfense shawty).

      LMAO…. You a nut tho, (wake up and The LIL Monster on your chest!!!) I broke out laughing, and I think that’s what would happen too I would bust our laughing in the a.m. once I was sober, but it wouldn’t be a monster tho…lol, she’ll be a worthwile midget!!!

      It’s all Luv tho D, Respect!!! ONE!

  21. HEAVY says:


  22. t-tyme says:

    n1ggas is crazy on here, I would hit a midget just not this one, she ain’t cute, but a fine midget hell yeah!!! n1ggas need 2 go on youtube and find the midget Oprah, hilarious!!!

  23. Wackytacky says:

    F*ck it, give me a bottle of Remy, and let me sit up in the club for a min watching all the girls and she would get crushed just like the next ho. LOL

  24. I don’t think i could do it. AS funny as it is, it just looks too weird.

  25. tomyself1980 says:

    naw..cant do it…just dont do nothing for me…even if i go into my dark fantasy closet… No men and no midgets…..Im good..I aint hitting no midget.

  26. SIN says:


  27. Stezo says:

    i’ll smash it with a hammer

  28. Mr Booty Lover says:

    I’ll stuff that little bitch in my bag take her home and fuck her little bubble butt coz I’m a freak like that! but Shhhh! don’t tell nobody.

  29. KcKims says:

    ILL GET IN DAT Azz ASAP!!!!!

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