For the first time since the widely talked about incident that took place at this year’s Summer Jam Festival, Slowbucks sits down for an interview with none other than The Breakfast Club.

Slow talks to Envy, Charlamagne and Angela about the chain snatching incident and everything surrounding it. Defending himself in a strong way, Slow claims he’s still the same guy and that he’s not a snitch for launching an investigation against 50′s camp. And he also said that the picture Slow posted with 50′s son wasn’t the root of their issues — in fact, he doesn’t really know where it stemmed from.

Slow says, “If somebody can show me papers that I snitched on him. Or you having to go pay lawyers or you having to go to jail -I’ll sign my company over to you. I give you all my jewelry.” Interesting.

Whatever you believe, it’s important to hear both sides of the story, so hit the jump and listen to Slow’s first interview since the incident and give us your thoughts.

  • Dice

    This dude looks like a mutant T-Mac morphed with Raymond Felton

  • Esko

    Lol this guy is a idiot. The shyt he said about being around Ross and them. This wwe how serious was it, was people gonna do something if they seen them. nikka didn’t they give gunplay the beats, wasn’t you around during them nikkas taping Khalid moms and Khalid house.

  • creeper

    Salute Charlamagne, this is why he is the best since Star, he wasnt lettin none of that cool talk just rock, ha, he was all over dude, pause.

  • Geezus

    Its was a Queens moment, you had 50, you had Nas, the missing piece was me

    Did he just say that?

    • Ice

      Slowbucks was in some lil mama shyt trying to shine with the big boys on stage

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Yes he did , that boy on something , and charlamagne was taking straight shots at him.

      Funny thing is that since summer jam, he aint got no new pics of him and rappers he was once around, not one SMH

      Nas took down all the pics of him, he aint got no new pics with MEEK, JUELZ, TRAV, FAB, none of them niggaz

      Nicca keep saying he uplifting the culture, nicca how? by taking photos with celebs and promoting their music which includes violence and street shiit even though you say you aint on that.

      Nicca is fits his name

  • Piff

    This interview made slow look even worse. This nikka was studdering an shyt and dancing around questions. He arranged a damn press conference and snitched on nikkaz. At least he lowkey owned his bullshyt

  • Bird

    this nikka is properly named slowbucks for real. this dude is really Slow. He aint too bright. He didnt know how a tax attorney works and he didnt know how jewlery insurance works

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Niggga is a clown, he takes photo ops with celebs and calls it promotion,

      the nikka supports his artist who rap bullshiiit and street shiiit but then when ENVY talked about 50 retaliating to diss record, he says he has nothing to do with what artists say, niggggga its your record label, so know you dont have nothing to do with it.

      Nicca keep saying , im in these streets yall know how i move, but says he aint gone retaliate or do nothing

  • Dawn_05

    charlamagne be havin me weak as hell wit them jabs

    slow was sweating, studdering, contradicting himself all in one question

    how do u not know u was snitching

    u dont see gunplay doin civlil suits and shyt on g unit…… he took the l and moved on….

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Yeah Charlamagne was going in on this guy and rightfully so.

      Like Charlamagne said, “come on slow you cant compare yourself to greats like NAS, 50 ETC

      What i got from the interview

      SLOW aka Winslow admitted he was not street or a goon

      Slow said that he had no beef with 50 even though he felt 50 had him jumped on stage, he called it a brotherly situation ( yeah ok)

      He said he went to the club the same night with meek, However he has not posted not one new pic with any rapper since the incident #facts

      He admitted that press conference was lame

      He knows the guy that jumped him but is cool and dont want beef but says he rolls deep and it wouldnt happen elsewhere

      FYI: Nas deleted all pics with him, he says NAS has pics of him but i dont see any pics of him on NAS page

  • Jay12

    So him and 50 spoke about the Marquiese photo? And this still happened?

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Guy just proved he is a clown.everything is said is a contradiction, like charlamagne said getting jumped, you cant help that , thats a biitch move.

      However this nicca constantly says i move deep with street people, that could not have happened elsewhere

      Its like he missing the picture, Nicca was jumped in front of 60k people, not in an alley, not in a park, or club, but infront of a stadium and he thinks that makes it less relevant

      Also on top of that, not only was he jumped and know who did it, but 50 went on instagram and clowned you after it, put on the necklace and performed with it, called you out again at Webster hall

      and after all that dissing that 50 did, all you can say is i cool with 50 , i aint got no beef, NIGGGA GET THE FCUK OUTA HERE

      NICCA tried to clown 50 album sales and ASHANTI went wood

  • BzB

    50 tried to told him that pic was a bad idea. showed his azz how sh1t go from 0-100 real quick! lol

  • Playboy69

    Slowbucks is a Wanksta….LMFAO

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Dig a hole!


    how come JEWs dont wear JEWlry.

  • Cakes(overtime)

    I don’t know all the information surrounding this and I didnt listen to the interview but I feel bad for him im sure he regrets going to thr police now smh

  • Who cares