Skylar has been a trending topic lately due to Weezy putting her on his most wanted smash list recently. By the looks of this pic his chances of knocking her off are probably good. As you see below he even wore her jersey at a recent concert.

Diggins said on her Twitter account that she was flattered by his gesture:

@LilTunechi is hilarious for that one!, idc wht ANYbody says, thts love…I’m a fan, so I can be happy!”

If you haven’t heard of her yet, her name is Skylar Diggins. She’s a sopho**re guard who dropped 28 points for Notre Dame as her Irish team upset the UConn Huskies 72-63.

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  • mr.portcity

    Wnba needs this publicity not gonna rebound the league but a gu d freak will get sumbodies attention

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yeaaaa but why such a slutty picture like she’s posing for Hustler? This was a FAIL in my book. Nothing wrong with a woman’s body in it’s organic form but she could of set up a pro shoot instead of busting it wide open like that. Integrity is destroyed and these will follow her where ever she goes. See if she can get a job now.

      Seen much better in the WNBA. She got a chin like Johnny Bravo.

      • mr.portcity

        Cud have an old boyfriend or chic she took this for decided to post them

        • mr.portcity

          cud have been

  • BlackLondoNer

    Is an uncensored version of that pic available?

    Anyways, usually chicks with pics like those have done a lot. And I mean alot.

    Should be an easy smash for a regular nikka let alone for Wayne. Well, now that Wayne’s been gassing her up she might not be as easy for the regular nikka but still..

  • stax757

    Yea I feel you mrportcity I wanna see the goods. Shes a cutie. I’m tryin to get my omar epps on (love n basketball)

  • jfizzle

    Yo Hahz is there confirmation that is her or a look a like. Either way nice angle

  • too funny

    just like I said would happen in the post about weezy tweetin her. He gased her head up, now we have a new “ass model” in the making.

  • williedynamite

    is that even her?

  • TruDat

    Wow, this chick is only a sophomore. I can only imagine what the opposing teams fans are going to do with this “ish” during next season. it’s gone be “bout it” “bout it” time. LOL

    One Love

  • Superretro

    YO KID this pic was going around on twitter faster than kat stacks sucking d1ck. Listen skylar diggins if u r reading this do not hook up with weezy. He is a member of TEAM NO CONDOM this guy has last time I checked 5 kids so please DO NOT DO THIS because IT WILL DERAIL YOUR CAREER THANKS LOVE U DOLL

  • Tiga

    yo its a fake picture the homie @iroastniggas put up LMAO heres the the pic yo—>

  • williedynamite

    ha ha! nose different, hairline different…FAIL

  • Listen

    It’s not here, both girls are sexy though. Diggins is denying that it’s her.

  • Tim

    This shows poor judgement it she is the one who put this out there. Plus, if you pose for someone nude be sure it could find it’s way on the net.

    Why do shooting star get taken down easy with a slingshot nowadays?

  • juwellz

    Smh she only 19 or 20…still in college…not a good look with the pic and @#@@ wayne for that hoe ##@ now a regular dude won’t be able to holla cuz he bout to have her head blown up

  • TBM

    Nall that seems like it ain’t her. You know all these chicks nowadays look alike

  • Torres, M

    Man I gotta agree with some of y’all. Her face look a bit different in that pic.

  • G 26’s

    skylar d all day