What was supposed to be fun times for two tourist visiting the Florida area turned out to be all but that.

The tourist,visiting from Iceland were part a 22 persons group that decided to go skydiving in the Zephryhills area just northeast of  Tampa. After the instructor and student who were in charge of the jump began counting the discovered that only 20 people had reached the ground causing authorities to launch a search for the missing persons. The two were discovered several hours later and died in the crash.

This is not the first time an accident has taken place with this group just months before Mark van den Boogard from the Netherlands was killed when his parachute failed to open, is body was not found till 2 weeks later when a group of hunters discovered him. A spokesperson from the skydiving club spoke on  what is being called a lack of safety regulations:

“We never check, there is no law, no regulations. “If you are forced to find out where everyone is, there can be a big drama for nothing. You can call all the emergency rescue teams and helicopters, then discover the person is sitting at home having tea with his granddad — that has happened before.”