Sibongile cu*mings Is Mounds of Chocolate (Video)

· August 23, 2013

Sibongile cu*mings returns by popular demand with more Chocolate than you may can handle.


Propz Playboy69

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Discussion105 Comments

  1. seanjohn100 says:

    maybe the first pic but i cant deal with the rest

  2. too_funny says:

    TC Thunder…..need I say more

  3. Damn look at this thick azz chocolate piece here smh. She’s by far teamchocolates hottest chick….probably ever LOL. I’d damn sure make her my main girl cuz physically she definitely catches my eye!! She needs to stick with her short blonde fade,it fits her better!

    She killing that pink dress in pick #3!!!

    I fuks with Sibongile…..but fuk teamchocolate still!!


    Oh by the way…I spoke with P… pics coming soon LOL. It’s over for TC

    • Moor#BpCoffins says:

      Pussi nigga went and ran to another trolling lame after that loss from PB. Guess he wasn’t bullshitin when he said his Fairys were STRONG cause they straight showed the muscle. Wrap it up. #MGC is last on the list now.

  4. too_funny says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before your chocolate desires led you to our offices…..unfortunately we don’t hire any mega-chumps ex employees.

    • Ha, boy stop! I only want Sibongile. The rest of u clowns are over there wearing lime green leotards and playing “candy crush” all day!!

      **@toofunny voice**..”shiiiiiiit I’m the master at candy crush” LOL

      And if any of u niggas don’t know what candy crush is…..there’s no way u gon convince me that u deal with women LOL.

      • Playboy69 says:

        @Strait….U love Sibongile Cummings is much as Moor love Cocaine Lorraine….. Y’all should just Trade places….LMFAO!

      • too_funny says:

        nicca stop talkin about how u talked to P, mf’s aint impressed…….shyt take a damn pic with her since u smellin her azz so much

        P fukkin wit u broke niccas, so those new pics gonna be fuzzy any damn way.

          • Watch me son this lil nigga @tooslow,

            “Shit Take a damn picture with her”..@toofunny.

            See that’s the thinking of a man with low expectations. A picture nigga?? Nigga who u think portia is….the damn Easter bunny…Santa Claus?? FOH LOL. Nigga I’m trying to go out with her at least. U talking about a damn picture LOL……niggas these days smh.

            @toofunny aka “one of the niggas that paid pinky 100$ just to take a pic with her lmao!!”

          • too_funny says:

            im all sonned out, now let me speak to your father….

            I don’t give a fukk about no damn pic but since you constantly dragging ur ballz on how u talk to her, I don’t believe you, you need more ppl or PROOF nicca.

            but now that I think about she does resemble the Easter Bunny if you throw some bunny ears on her.

            I aint mad at u either, smash that jack rabbit is u can.

          • queso (The Corp) says:

            @B lmao “easter bunny”

          • 850 says:

            @B-strait and Too funny y’all boys are funny as hell.

  5. Yo I just mentioned this girl on the FaceTime post lol. I was wondering if y’all was gon post it! This chick is ridiculously stacked daaaamn. I’d love to get behind all that thickness. And she looks like she’s cool and silly judging from that video. Shit let me see her at the gas station I’m on her ASAP lol

  6. President Ward says:

    Three words. She looking tight!

  7. presto 2.5 says:

    yeah she thick…but uhhhmm…(I wont hate)

    Prest is a G…and I’ve personally had many ratches like Sibongile and they’ve never seen breakfast at my spot…


  8. miller says:

    she cute body right skintone right but she seems to be quite ratchet

  9. blizzy says:

    hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …. loves some thyck choco.. 9.5 on the card

  10. lazarus says:

    Ok, the video kinda quieted this down for me, body is thik. She right in the frame and does look better with the fade. But….

    I dont usually do this, but I agree with @Miller

  11. CCG says:


  12. queso (The Corp) says:

    Thick broad…I’ll give her that.

  13. Lol y’all be Wildin !! MGC vs teamchocolate everyday lol

  14. queso (The Corp) says:

    Yo @HAHZ let’s get a Indonesia VS This broad showdown lol.

  15. 828jeffe says:


  16. RED(MGC Kings) says:

    Team Choco has gotten a lil too confident these past two days..I don’t like that sh*t

  17. CityNearYou says:

    96 comments Damn yall go crazy when Team chocolate get a win. She nice but that video made her look ratchhhhheetttt!.

  18. Therealjiggaboo says:

    i saw this chick last club slate in nyc she had that striped dress on. i approached her because hands down she was the one of baddest broads ive ever seen. didnt get no love but i tried lol

  19. Therealjiggaboo says:

    im sorrry club 48 not slate…birdman nicky, fab, and a whole lot of celebs was there. for the awards. nyc clubs gonna be flooded with bad broads this weekend

  20. mike says:

    Damn, baby got errything and we all know darkskin chicks are this thick naturally !!! It’s really most of the light skinned chicks that get shit added, pumped, shot up and lifted.

  21. Cold and Hot says:

    Lawd have mercy! I bet that thang taste like Hershey chocolate

  22. SCOG says:

    Love Darkskin Sistas. SupaThick……

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