Shelsy R. Afternoon Thick Em’s

· February 19, 2013

Shelsy is a new face to ANS and a new PAWG in the modeling game. She reminds me of a se*ier version of Elke The Stallion. You can find her clubbing out in the DMV.

Are you feeling her?



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  1. Playboy69 says:


  2. Playboy69 says:

    @Hahz… LENA CHASE needs a POST on ANS. Give that BBW POWER ASS some RESPECT!

  3. President Ward says:

    @Playboy YUCK? She can get it all night long.

  4. who is she with that booty?!

  5. She looks much better than elke the stallion @hahz. I’d smash this chick fa’sho.


    All u niggas who has smashed a ugly chick before,a fat chick or somebody that was just bogus…don’t come on this post lying talking bout yall wouldn’t smash this Pawg lmao. U will be called out. **coughs**..”@playboy69″. LOL. #keep it 100

    • bighomie53 says:

      Right doe @B,, I know i’d smash her too, it’s just something about white girls wit big booties!!!!!!! #WP

      • queso (The Corp) says:

        Count me in for the smashin..cus im tearin that ass up

        • presto 2.5 says:

          yezzirr…no questions

          • queso (The Corp) says:

            @Pres what up kid?? Yo I was in NC recently..chick from brooklyn i know moved down there..yo we was up in Walmart..I thought I was in a Club son..all they needed to do was dim the lights and play some music..Them chicks up in wlamart was bananas..i said got dam its like that????

          • presto 2.5 says:

            Lmao @So…yeahhh man Walmart is ridiculous…i jus stay at home when wifey goes now…cause it hurts my feelings everytime…lol

            **Stanger looking at wifey’a azz in Home Decor…while prest is looking at azz on aisle 3**…LMFAO!

            “Dim the lights and play music…”…lol

      • WildWild says:

        It’s a damn anomaly I tell u… but what q said.. in my Calvin voice from House of Payne

    • Playboy69 says:

      @Strait… STFU!… Because You do not like Kyra Chaos. So stop talking about yourself again!… B STRAIT U ARE PORTIA STALKER!. U LAME ASS NIGGA ! U are the reason why PORTIA is Not on ANS no more!… #GET A LIFE!

  6. WildWild says:

    I know brothers ain’t spose to be f’n with the swine flesh be she’d get dropped quick like a Tyson fight.. Hell we all dark when the lights go out.

  7. Realtalkin says:

    Yeah im smashin fo sure

  8. lazarus says:

    Laz walks in the ANS board room meeting, (BUBBLES lookin like 3 bags of money)hears muffled whispers, where THEY been.” I jus wanted to drop off this duffel bag of condoms for the WOLFPACK”.

    Some of ya’ll Mayne. LOL

  9. Southwestern says:


  10. COWBOY says:


  11. williedynamite says:

    better learn how to read these girls bodies … this chic is gone be FAT as a oompa loompa

  12. magic says:

    Sorry bruh but.elk the stallion is definately sexier …..she ight

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