She was representing her colors well in that spandex body suit during the Puerto Rican Day parade in NYC. I know she was remembered long after the event was over and done with.


    i wouldnt say she shut it down like she packin azz like deelishis,pinky etc….but she looks aiiight would need to see more pics from different angles to VALIDATE UR CLAIM!!!!

    • Expected more

      • MoorFed

        I agree. I was expecting a monster donk like Scarlett. Now she’ll shut sh1t down, quick!

    • You can’t compare every day looking women to the elites of the urban modeling world.

      • queso BP.1

        Nah there were a lotta other chicks that killed this broad!

        • presto 2.0

          boy…boy…boy…”i bet that Puerto Rican Day Parade is serious bizness @So…Damn how i miss my NY trips…and all dem ButterRicans!”….”dem some fine azz women right der”…and that body suit above is flavor…the body aint cray…but the outfit compensates…

          • queso BP.1

            @Pres…dominican day parade even better.

      • MoorFed

        Well @Hahz you set yourself up for that one. You set the bar too high by saying she shutting things down when no one would agree. She look old in the face too. Still nice though. NOW, if Portia was rockin something like this (with her pads on) then I might agree off the strength of her face….with an ok body. TC!

        • @moor, don’t start nuthin sir “butt pads”….yeah ok LOL. **books flight to NY**..”anybody seen my yankees cap” LOL. “Butterican ladies here i cum…I mean come” lmao!!

        • queso BP.1

          Lmao @Moor Portia woulda definitely shut it down!

      • Whas elite about urban modeling? having a big azz and a cute smile? And gold diggin aspirations?

        • REX REDBONES!!!!!

          @TTOWN,I know right????lol….

        • trap101

          well summed up

      • mr.p

        Na bruh i went there and saw a bunch of other chicks with wayy better bodes. I see better things out here just in general.

  • Southwestern

    I’d say she did. That’s a bad mofo.

  • jamar

    it doesnt take a lot to exite some people…she got some tight sh!t on…she aint shuttin nothin down.

  • 313euceBP

    she cool but i wouldnt have remembered her ass, after it was over.

  • tone

    Looks like most ricans at those parades. Nice though

    • jamar

      it is a pueto rican parade…who do you think would show up 4 the most part….i’ll give you a few seconds to focus.

  • TYBO2020


  • Red BP World Order

    all spanish women in NY look alike

    • dusty

      americans needs to stop referring to these ricans as spanish! they aint spanish they may have some spanish in there but they are Ricans and not spanish!

      are americans English?

      Spanish people are from spain

      • Red BP World Order

        Did I ask for your response?

        Take yo dusty azz on somewhere

  • realtalkldn

    she looks like she woulda got alotta attention but i dno i expected the donk to be fatter

    • realtalkldn

      still hollerin tho

  • DCAssLuva

    i was excepting more azz but i guess if i woulda saw her in person i would have turnt around real quick

  • mr.p

    She aint shut nothing down. I actually went to the parade and saw a lot of chicks with way better bodies and faces. My boy took some pics. I see chicks out here in NY on a regular day that have crazy bodies. You guys need to come to NY Its azz everywhere

    • where is the pics at fam?

  • jamar

    try Fordham Center on a saturday afternoon, or third ave in the south boogie….mucho bonitas.

    • mr.p

      +1 jamar…thats one of the many spots out here in ny with bad bishez

  • desolation

    she look good .

  • CookieRamirez

    So love this PR Bodysuit, please will the woman in this picture email me or post on my page a whole front facing picture of bodysuit, or tell me where i may buy one PLEASEEEE you look awesome! Wepppa Boricua!