Last night Love & Hip Hop reality show star Shay Johnson was in Augusta GA hosting a night club. Deelishis is down in the N.O for the Super Bowl, last night she was up in Encore night club. Roxy Milan slide through Cream Lounge. Ms Decordon was spotted in Tongue & Groove last Monday.



Roxy Milan

Instagram: Msdecordon

  • President Ward


    Wolfpack Inc.

  • i was set on shay until i saw deelishis..everyone is nice here.

    • Yup. Just wished they would fall back on the makeup

      • presto 2.5

        her babysitter is making 6 figures…lol

        • LOL @presto. She getting half of deelishis yearly salary

          • Queso (The Corp)

            @Pres that’s what I’m saying

  • MoorFedayeen

    Shay gettin uglier by the day it seems

    • President Ward

      You can call nobody ugly.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Bro you keep it up and you gonna get what you asking for. You like a mosquito in my ear fixing to get squashed.

        • President Ward

          I…I’m so…sc-scared….

          *sob* *sob*

  • missmina

    roxy milan!…got love for d choclate sisters

    • yeah man! *high fives @missmina*

      • missmina

        dats watsup @rasheed lateef..

  • Realtalkin

    Shay donk lookin right. Roxy and Ms De Cordon getting my pick

  • Rick

    Roxy flawless her friends looking good to

  • SCOG

    All 6 Ladies Looking Good & All 6 Would Get PiPed…

  • 828heffe

    Deelishis in that Black and Gold is dat work!

  • van Stat

    Shay! Be killin tht dress…


  • Teegirl

    Shay looks like curious george in the face.

    Deelishus, something different about her face. I cant put my finger on it,but I believe she had her nose done. Nevertheless, she’s the best in this set.