LHHA reality star Shay Johnson is in the latest issue of Blackmens magazine in stores now. Check out the scans inside.Are you feeling the spread?


  • President Ward


  • 1luv

    I would still try to smash her if I had the chance!

  • Kevin D.

    This chick Sexy as hell.

  • DCAssLuva

    i stole this issue from the store kinda was dissapointing glad i didnt pay for it i was about too take it back too the store.mad she didnt show more ass

  • Prime706

    Shay looking good to me.

  • damnshame

    5 comments-these ninjas hating on Shay…damnshame when real ish don’t get look at but fake azz and titts do. yall ninjas iz gayuzzm..beyotch iz SEXY-can’t take that away…..@DCAZZLUVA man stealin 4$ mags at your age…kill yo self dawg…lol