On a more positive side despite the events that took place at an Atlanta middle school, Atlanta’s Best Academy held it’s career day yesterday and Bankhead own’s Shawty Lo was the special guest where he took time to speak and take photos with the students. 


  • Southwestern

    There’s gonna be some parents outraged after they google Shawty Lo. Can’t say I blame them. Why bring someone to motivate and speak to the school that’s half as intelligent as the students? I wouldn’t want that clown at my public schools, let alone private.

  • MoorFedayeen

    This the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen some fuq sh1t like this involving a rapper and some ATL school. Around Christmas Jeezy went to schools and gave some bullsh1t toys out calling his campaign “The Snow Toy Tour”. The little kids at the schools addressed Jeezy as the “Snow Man”. This is what our kids are looking up to and these schools are now helping these devils get their points across. How about that?

    • jamar


  • Crush

    This is flat out CRAZY!!!! Peep the kid in the blue sweater in the last pic…he’s throwing up a set? This the kind of shit that makes Atlanta look stupid. What kind of school would have a rapper such as Lo to come and speak to kids? Not trying to dis Lo as if Im better than him but he would have to clean up his image before he is allowed to speak to the future generation of black men. Nothing about this is GOOD.


    Gucci spoke at a middle school this week also….lol