Shawty Lo Arrested In Atlanta

· January 18, 2013

shawty lo arressted jan 18

More details coming soon..


News around the web..

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  1. TruDat says:

    Another story I’m not surprised by……’s in his DNA. SMh

    One Love

  2. williedynamite says:

    he must got a album coming out soon

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    More details coming means they aint made up a story yet. Cops ain’t about to have a (high grade) camera that close in there space. This made up

  4. your boy says:

    they got him for child support…lmaoo

  5. Southwestern says:

    I swear it ain’t no shortage of clowns rapping from/ claiming Atlanta. Hurts my heart.

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