More details coming soon..

  • TruDat

    Another story I’m not surprised by……’s in his DNA. SMh

    One Love

  • williedynamite

    he must got a album coming out soon

  • MoorFedayeen

    More details coming means they aint made up a story yet. Cops ain’t about to have a (high grade) camera that close in there space. This made up

    • +1 yea this look fake…he lookin calm as f**k

    • LOL. You damn right. Unless he getting arrested on an episode of cops, where did the $5,000 camera come from and the nig looks like he’s in a gas station. He probably at work. LMAO!

  • your boy

    they got him for child support…lmaoo

  • Southwestern

    I swear it ain’t no shortage of clowns rapping from/ claiming Atlanta. Hurts my heart.