Shari Juliann Donk of The Day

· March 6, 2013


Fellas it’s that time of the day when you need a pick me up, Shari Juliann aka smokesumnshari is just what you need. She ain’t got a stupid dumb poke out but a nice amount you can palm. I need some feedback from those all in favor of her winning the donk of the day.





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  1. queso (The Corp) says:

    Ay yo she mad nice..and when that donk bent over doggy trust its spreading like takin that down..shorty hot!! Certified Corp

  2. Playboy69 says:

    She gets the 8 CARD!

  3. jfizzle says:

    Yo what up Jfad here, just got my first snow day as a teacher so I’m checking in. Your has been on tour as of late I went to Houston 4 allstar and Charlotte 4 CIAA. Oh yeah shorty right here can be donk of the day

  4. queso (The Corp) says:

    Was just lookin at some other pics of her online looks like she got a big azz head..kinda reminds me of Gina big azz head from martin…she still nice!

  5. i’m this another stripper/dancer/model though?

    • queso (The Corp) says:

      @lateef u know it

      • lazarus says:

        LOL, As @Sheed goes into wallet.

        Shorty decent, strong 7.5-8. Smashworthy. Got some potential, need a sponsor.

        • Moor says:

          Don’t call her a 7 in any shape cause in reality (standing in front of you) she dime all day. ANS got em spoiled again. You hearing this str8 from the top of #TC. 9 or no less.

          • lazarus says:

            I beg to differ fam, She might be a 6 standing in front of me. I’m in Florida, so, yea a lil spoiled. #Real-talk. I’m grown as hell. I say it how I mean it.

            Cats on here tryin to tell me. Ya’ll think Angela Simmons fyne. WTF

          • President Ward says:

            @lazarus the buckeyes beat the indiana hoosiers last night. GO BUCKEYES!!!

        • Playboy69 says:

          @laz…PREACH!….She is a 8 CARD!

          • lazarus says:

            I’m saying, shorty nice, but some of ya’ll couldn’t hunt wit me. Eye of the beholder fam. My 10 may not be your 10. SMH


    • @Laz yeah,hunting? too busy eating funyuns or something haha..or smashing my fine piece in ANS headquarters haha

      • lazarus says:

        What’s good Fam, It’s emotional today I see. LOL You may hav to share them Funyuns tho. I’ve been asked to tell you to take down your strobelite in your office and keep it down when you “interviewing” interns. @Sheed be on his Bill Clinton. Ayisha give new meaing to “Head-Quarters” Hunh??? Star gonna cut off that Gumbo. LMBAO

  6. 1986 says:

    Gah damn, plenty hanalat back there

  7. Southwestern says:

    I can co-sign her. Not a donk, but a nice little cuff at the bottom and thick thighs make her a winner.

  8. blizzy says:

    2 thumbs…. looks natural and thyck

  9. Realtalkin says:

    she good money, its not a donk as such but its more than enough to work wit. Her face is nice too!

  10. LouieVtheKING says:

    hella nice

  11. Smoov says:

    Youngin Nice….Look like the Phat ass the fix you Pancakes & Help Ya Mama in the Kitchen during Thanksgiving is you bangin it right. Pretty Face, Phat ass. She a #GoodDeal !

  12. ginoBrown says:

    That face+that body=9 status, I would go dime if the breasts were a lil bigger

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