Shaquille O’Neal may not have intended to spawn an anti-gay thread on Facebook, but that is exactly what happened after the former basketball star posted an image about restroom etiquette.

On Wednesday, O’Neal posted a cartoon about proper peeing protocol at the urinal. In the drawing, one man uses the urinal directly next to another man, even though many others are available.

“This is an automatic fight in my book…….LMFAO,”

O’Neal wrote.

Although his comment may not have been intended to be offensive, many of the responses to the post were decidedly anti-gay.

“He shouldnt [sic] have wandered into a gay bar,” wrote one Facebook user. “That definitely makes him gay!!!” wrote another. “Thats because he wants something gay,”

responded another.

Some respondents, however, voiced their disapproval of the thread.

“Glad to know you like to start hate dialogue against gay people shaq just lost a fan here,”

one wrote.

Here’s a screen grab of the cartoon posted to Shaquille O’Neal’s Facebook page.

Towleroad notes that one of the cartoon characters in O’Neal’s post is “depicted striding in a swishy manner.” Commentators also noted this. “He walks funny, too!! – Notice his arms!?!” wrote one user. “[You] can tell hes gay by the way he walkin in the middle pic,” commented another.

“Though he may have not intended it, the post, which points out a common men’s room faux pas avoided by straight and gay men alike, has encouraged and produced hateful dialogue against the latter,”

Towleroad writes.

O’Neal’s intentions may be unclear, but the basketball pro has previously advocated on behalf of LGBT rights and anti-bullying campaigns.

In October 2011, O’Neal partnered with the NBA and the American Federation of Teachers for GLAAD’s “Amplify Your Voice!” PSA series against bullying.

“The NBA and Shaquille O’Neal are changing the landscape of sports by reminding players and fans that ho**phobia and anti-gay bullying are unacceptable – whether on the court, or in the classroom,”

Mike Thompson, acting president of GLAAD, said at the time.

I don’t see how this has anything to do with gay people..

  • America & the Western society has gradually desensitized most of the population into calling “good,evil, and to calling evil,good” – Sad story indeed. The TRUTH has all but died in America and moral relativism is the name of the day. That is, people feel that if you are against “gay marriage” then you are promoting “hate speech” – What a joke. @ the end of the day, whether we like it or not, all of us will die and we will surely find out of God ( of the Bible) is real or not. I’m here to tell you all that HE is real. Seek Him personally for yourselves’folks in the WORD of GOD. Pray & Ask for discernment. Don’t be deceived by the lies of the music/entertainment industry & it’s seductive spirits @ work. There’s still time. Eternity is real. It’s up to you where you decide to go. #Choose wisely #Jesus Is Real # Heaven & Hell are real —– Imagine a world where Shaq makes a joke and the “gay mafia” tries to spin it into something else….smh..not surprised though, but I’m not deceived either. Peace my people

    • Bob

      Let’s test to see if god is real.


      • Bob

        Hmm… i’m still here.. I even replied to my own comment. I guess “God” is a load of bullsh*t. Gay people have always been on the planet will always be on the planet. That’s the whole problem “morals”, not the relativism part.

        At one point it was “moral” to kill another because of their tribal affiliation or their skin color or enslave another human being. It was also “moral” to denigrate woman, just cause. F*ck “morals”. We need empathy we need to recognize we are all human beings with the same hopes, dreams, fears, desires, and sensations, and also realize that we are not subject to some aberration of mankind’s imagination called “god”.

        Screw “god”, screw “morals”. What we need is empathy. The capacity to connect with other beings on a physical level, and recognize “the other” as ourselves so we may truly treat beings with kindness and be worthy of calling ourselves human.

        • Greg4422

          @Bob the problem with you post is what does being human mean…if there’s no God…if there’s no God then you don’t have a soul, and there’s no meaning to life…than to eat, sh8t and die…you’re just another animal…like any beast in the field.

        • Now Thats Pcp

          See thats the problem with these blogging homosexuals….how you want empathy but talking down on those that believe in the most high by saying screw ***….if you want to live and play with other men….go head and do you but understand most men dont want that lifestyle around our son’s influencing them because its a learned behavior

          • presto 2.5

            @Solutionz spit’n motivation up der!!…get it in fam…if only one reads and gains from it…he will be pleased with your efforts…

            @Pc…That might be the realest comment i’ve read from you…thats ish is dripping with TRUTH!

            how can a man talk down on another mans GOD…any Religion?…(Cause the Monsters want you to live undisciplined like them)…DO AS THOU WILT – Crowley or YOLO right?


            shyt is simple and we make it hard…Life is full of distractions and wasnt meant to be filled with our bullshyt…puting labels on Religions…whats right and whats wrong is easy…but we want to rationalize our evil ways…and make it ok…and not believing in a higher being is easier on the conscious mind…many believe prest is waiting for a “blue eyed man” to drop from the sky…that prest thinks he has all the answers…but no…”I realize that im an unworthy being…small in the grand scheme of things…powerful enough through meditation and mental control to do things uncomprehendable…but starting with SelfKnowledge and FAITH first…**Brakes**

            and yall look at that IGNORANT AZZ shyt @Bob said up there…LMFAO!…@Moor’s homeboy

    • Now Thats Pcp

      @Solutionz Are you a Black man?

  • @Bob: After reading your post, it appears that you have a lot of aggression in you my friend. What’s the matter. You’re certainly entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. You say “screw morals & god” yet, u say we need “empathy”? @ end the end of the day all of us are on a personal journey trying make sense of the nonsense in this world…I ain’t ya enemy bruh.

  • *What’s the matter?

  • Greg4422

    This has nothing to do with gay rights…it’s about respect… don’t walk pass all those urinals and come stand right beside me…I don’t know you…you could be a robber…so immediately I’m on guard ready to bust your damn head in…when all you had to do was stay on the other end. Now if it’s crowded…thats different

  • Ice

    Thats man code….all those free urinals, dont come piss right next to me.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Type of sh1t @Prest would do when he walked in and saw @Queso. Don’t ask why

      • presto 2.5


  • @Greg & Ice: Good points and perspectives. I def. see where ur coming from about the respect tip and man code…the reason I spoke on the “gay rights” piece was cuz the thread opened up stating that some gay folks were saying it’s hate crime….so the whole point being that when Shaq, or any one makes any type of comment with the slightest hint of the so called “gay bashing” people go up in a roar…it’s all good though. Every 1 gonna think what they want @ the end of the day….

  • jamar

    i find the cartoon funny…if it offends you,you got your reasons…im straight but im tired of the world(devils)trying to force their sick ideas down somebody elses throat…GOD is above all things and you sick devils got your day coming.