Shaquille O’Neal & Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander Out & About In NYC

· November 16, 2011

Shaq & Hoopz In NYC

Retired basketball star Shaquille O’Neal spotted in New York Tuesday out with girlfriend Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander. When they first got together they had the fresh love look in all the pictures they took..looks like that wore off.

Shaq & Hoopz In NYC
Shaq & Hoopz In NYC
Shaq & Hoopz In NYC
Shaq & Hoopz In NYC

  • queso

    Go head and spend that loot Shaq! “Hoopz thinkin in second pic” why am I wit this corny ass nigga????? O yea I’m bout to get them new gucci boots.

    • queso

      She lookin good too!

      • TC

        hell no Queso she looks like a man in drag and the wig isn’t helping. the whole scene looks funny

        • B Strait UP

          @TC, whoa!! U dissin hoopz now? I think she’s nice. Just becuz ur a “8” **snickering** don’t mean u can diss errbody…lmao

          • sohated313

            I mean she alright, like when you first see her you probably would be on her, but after a while u be lookin like what’s the big deal. she trailor trash on top of that. she been all around tryin to get wit whoever wit bread for the longest. shaq should know better then to be wiffin that, but i guess he gettin old, and self esteem droppin. on top of that his ex-wife did it so…..

        • jfizzle

          @TC, ain’t nothing manly about her, look’s sexy to me.

          • presto

            **HOOPZ WALKING**…”ouch,ouch,ouch,ouch….he beastin dat shyt”…LMFAO!!!!….and LMAO @Queso…”dem new gucci boots”

            @Cakes…Hoopz is fly…stop it ma….”wit yo phat lil booty…LMAO!!!”…”jus realized it a few dayz ago….DAYYUM!!!…babygrl you pack’n heat back der!!”…LMAO!…BP claims dat thang!!

            **@CAKES MAN VOICE**….”Oh Hell naw playa….”…lol

        • TC

          What *rolls eyes* i guess i asked for that one huh Bstraitup i was trying not to sound conceited but s* i got a reason lol and Jfizzle don’t get me wrong i don’t think she’s ugly or anywhere near it but Hoopz has VERY masculine features and wearing a wig and too much makeup does not work in her favor @Presto all Team Chocolate whooooo!

          • presto

            …dem boyz cant handle dat…lol…plus dey broke…and we got cake….LMAO!!…”we da guyz in erry city wit the fly cars and fresh kicks…that makes you mad at your man cause he not like us”…LOL…jus kidn CAKES…you kno me all jokes…but we are fly

        • sol

          she is fugly

    • jamar

      they dont even look rite together.


    he got money so of course he can get her an any woman that damn near look like her or better,@tc she dont look like a man babygirl and i still need to c some pics of u to validate what presto talkin bout!!!

  • moorfedayeen

    She actually lookin better then she ever did; more like a basketball wife. Out of everyone on Flags of love I’d say she made the biggest come up and that includes Delicious. Both of them from Detroit too. Can’t hate at all.

    • I’m STILL the Prince!!

      Word is they got married this past weekend…Idk #online gossip!!

      • Hahz

        No they didn’t media fake out

        • I’m STILL the Prince!!

          Exactly!! SMH

  • Shawnette

    She is pretty here wig is just heavy. But they still appear odd t me because he is so much bigger than her

  • TYBO2020



  • Errks

    lmao they look so silly together. …and she’s even wearing heels too smh

  • Chi Capitan

    I don’t know why these guys bother even getting in “relationships”

    • B Strait UP

      @cap,every playa needs a “main chick” LOL

  • williedynamite

    damn…could you imagine if they ever had a domestic dispute? lmao

    she wouldn’t have a chance.

  • Matt Demon

    He should knock her up fuck it!!! he can afford and having kids is always awesome!!!

  • One Slug Managment

    My dude Shaq Bully is happy that’s all that matters. Hoopz lookin pretty good to me though.

  • BigBlackDude

    She is alright…. my only question is what is with these huge Niccas and the tiny girls. As long as he happy that is all that counts. She does look better than Shaunie…..

  • gphi

    I still wish Shaq & Hoopz nothing but happiness & success. PEACE!!!

  • Matt Demon

    she gorgeous

  • I

    Shaq knows damn well the only reason that girl messing with his ugly ass is for the MONEY! He a stoopid ass mess! Its funny because didnt he also just sleep with Laura Govan? oh and he nasty too!