April Fools!

  • smokersan

    damn you got me….i was like ill pay to see this

  • Realtalkin

    lol called it right as i seen it

  • 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU)

    I fell for it i was like *gasp* nooooo 😮 then :-\ lol good one

    • too_funny

      i was like HELL YEAH lol

  • too_funny

    damn you @hahz…..you could atleast put the bikini pic in the post.

    the 1st thing that came to mind was back shots of her azz jiggling.

    • U need a woman sir @toofunny LOL. Naw I would’ve peeped it too LOL. I was thinking like damn I hope my nigga common or drake didn’t put her out there like that,that would’ve been bad for serenas image!.

      **@hahz voice**…”I knew u thirsty azz,p*rn expert,teamchocolate niggas was gon click on to this ASAP” lmao!

      **@FBI with king size bottle of lotion in hand**…”gotdammit @hahz……u son of a bitch” lmfao!!!

      Lmao!!!….good one @hahz

  • REX!!!

    Lol…hahz getcho PICKLE RELISH Head azz outta hurrr

    • too_funny


      • Moor #TC Warriors

        I knew that wasn’t gonna happen. She don’t take pics straight on. Only to the side and with the lowest of light, with old T-Mobile cameras. The kind u gotta snap on the phone.

  • Moor #TC Warriors

    Who’d really wanna see that though?

    • too_funny

      @moor….shyt who wouldnt want to see some of the bare monster azz jiggling and shakin.

    • **entire teamchocolate raises their hands**…”nigga we all wanna see that @moor,….we’re all members of the P.P.W(professional p*rn watchers) committee remember” lmao!!

    • rite…she looks like a man.

  • President Ward

    @Hahz good sh*t homie! lol!

  • LMAO @bstrizzle don’t worry TC,I got yall for part two..LOL..http://www.atlnightspots.com/forum/showthread.php?8184-Easter-Leftovers

  • still118

    DAMN IT HAHZ! Stop playin shawty…

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Good one!

  • f*ck ya’ll i damn near broke my finger clicking this sh1t

  • Devon

    wow good one!

  • I use to think she was “a’ight” b4 the 20 extra pounds of muscle. I still would have watched though!

  • Rock

    Called it soon as I saw the title.

  • grmnmusl

    Sh1t would probably be weak…..
    Most these chicks ain’t really bout that life.

    They just want the attention from men gauking!

  • Cakes(crooked smile)

    lol 5months later fell for it again