Serena Williams of USA wins her first round match 6-0, 6-0 at Arthur Ashe Stadium on day one of the US Open 2013 in New York.

Michelle Obama


  • WildWild

    If only she would get rid of that hair style still my chick tho.. u TC nikkaz should be banging mgc with her alone.. body on swole bank account on swole… keep her from the krackers she Ace high

    • lazarus

      +1, sad revelation tho, she does like them white bwoi’s, but I blame lavar arrington big head @$$ for fuucin her mental up. LOL
      Another one who’s kegel game is probably otherworldly.

  • bloggettee

    Wasn’t it 6-0, 6-1 ?

    I mean her opponent had to toil and scrap for that 1 point, it has to be worth mentioning …. lol …

    Girl got her arse whopped so bad she needed a hug !