Serena Williams and her new ‘French tennis coach/adviser boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou showed some PDA for paparazzi recently on vacation.  By the looks of his hand on dat azz, he knows the power of that donk on her.

Photos: icpress/Sina Press

  • Ehh teamchocolates sellout speech should be dropping in….3….2…1

    • presto 2.5

      lol…”Whyteboy cant handle all dat!”

      “Wonder if he’d be down wit brown…if that bank wasnt chunky?”…#Exactly

      VOTE Maliah Michel…MGC

      jus sayn?…how many MGC broads soldout this year? —-> 0

      Whtup @Scooty?..Lmao!

      • Playboy69

        @presto…U have a great point!…But Mizz DR get my VOTE for ANS MODEL OF THE YEAR!….Mizz DR = MISS LATINA HEAT!…Gotta luv it!

      • too_funny

        @presto …. every single one of those MCG hoes soldout the day they joined yall’s bama azz team.

    • too_funny

      Booty on Duty lol

      @Bstrait … dont hate bc all of TeamCoco’s chicks dont all work in the Strip Club…..

      we aquire WEALTH while u bamas over at British Petrolium aquire Rappers

      • MoorFedayeen

        @B Straight What type of lame get mad over who a chick f*ckin? Be honest, if she wasn’t Serena the tennis god I’d scratch my head at this sight. Her body been fell off and she got a wider midsection then him. All that growth hormone has ruined her. Pass

  • Jake

    To the paparazzi, if you going take pictures of Serena, make sure there pics worth posting. If she’s not wearing any booty shorts, tight jeans, skirt/dress or in a bikini without a life jacket, then don’t take any pictures.

  • TYBO2020


  • Playboy69

    Serena Williams = AUNT JEMIMA…LOL!

    • MoorFedayeen

      Only a lame would say that. Why is it a problem who she messin with? Better yet, why isn’t a problem when a bro does the same?

      • Playboy69

        @Moor…Serena Willams = THE MAMMY OF TENNIS! Bria Myles & Serena Williams = Team Chocolate! Moor U are UNCLE TOM!…YES SIR ASS NIGGA!…LMAO

        • lmao,ya’ll relax with all that. we don’t need no cold cactuses on ANS right now haha. hello @moor and @playboy69

          • Playboy69

            @rasheed… TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!…LOL!

      • Playboy69

        @Moor…Team Chocolate always say YES TO THEIR MASTER!…LMBAO

        • MoorFedayeen

          @Playboy I think all will agree when I say you type like you high off prescriptions. That was real sh1t I was talkin up there-only lames worry about who a broad is f*ckin.

          • Playboy69

            @moor…go save Serena Williams u DJANO Unchained Ass nigga…Lmao

          • @moor you always cryin and tryna to get people to agree with you. Shut your lame a$$ up.

          • MoorFedayeen

            @Fat Salty Slug you stay mad. What’s wrong? Did I f*ck yo b1tch or something? Be honest. Look here man, I didn’t know she was yours but the h0e was choosing when I caught her by herself in CVS. Detroit a small city.

  • lol @ the second pic with him relaxing his hand on her derriere. he know what he doing lol.

  • Rick

    She’s an intelligent nutcase
    he better run

  • President Ward

    I ain’t even mad.

  • damnshame

    i aint mad —ninjas date outside their race all tha time and its so bad now that yall will actually discrimate on a sista cause she brown skin…so GTFOHWTBS bout Serena datin a white dude. ……newayz Serena AZZ look good from the bac…

    • Tim

      Agreed, still a lot of bad dark and brown skinned women are boo’d up with white dudes freely even if they have a bunch of men who are black that find them attractive.


    she can date as many of those no good devils all she wants, But she will always be a nigga to them!

    • MoorFedayeen

      Now that’s real talk. The “black” jokes behind her back still go on. It just aint the same when a sista is around them then it would be with a brotha and his white woman. You see how they did MJ at his country club. Them devils don’t have love so how could they love you? That’s why I could never marry outside my race unless its another minority of this country.

    • BzB

      this is mostly true. most of the time other races date us for the exotic factor or on some fetish type sh1t. not like that french dude know what to do with all that amazon booty anyway. you know they making jokes behind her back talking bout that jungle booty. they wont be together long is my prediction. he’ll be over his infatuation soon…

  • Thabo

    Serena Williams is ugly anyway. She only got booty nothin else.

  • E-Dub

    White boy stomp.

    Any way tired of hearing well brotha’s be dating white girls. Do any of the so called top white women every cross over an date a brotha? No. When the Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, etc cross over and date a brotha then I will say “Well brotha’s be dating white women”

    @Thabo – Yep I agree. She is average at best. Take away tennis and fame she is less than average.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Of course they can’t do that because their careers won’t allow it BUT in reality, where I went to high school and still to this day, bros run blonde h0es.

      You white right? Cause these the only post you troll on which leads me to believe you mad cause Its the truth. I aint never dated a bad black broad that gave it up to a nasty azz pink but all my n1ggas f*cked white broads and a lot of them too. I rarely see a black chick with a white boy. U know I aint lying. Hell, just look at porn. PPL wanna see black men and white woman and they DO.

      • E-Dub

        Not white to answer your question and as for being mad what the h3ll is there to be mad about. You have an opinion and I have an opinion. Keep it moving no need to try to be a tough guy online. lol.

    • BzB

      e-dub….jay electronica was knocking down that married super rich rothschild chick. seal wifed the most prized white super model on the planet. back in the day pac and kane smashed madonna. and i know lots of “top tier” white women have flings with black men.

      • E-Dub

        You right @BzB. I was thinking more of actresses and not across the board.

        • MoorFedayeen

          E-Dub a typical coward azz white troll and aint even got the balls to say it on the net so I know his pasty azz won’t step to it in public when a bro get at him. @Bzb I was gonna mention Seal. heidi Klum was regarded as one of the most beautiful woman on the planet. I heard whites say this, not me. And I got plenty other examples but I wanted to focus on E and why he does what he does.

  • Fantasygirl

    Black people call her and her sister ugly and manly 24/7, soon as they find love with a white man or another race of man, like Rapper Eve, Bria Myles and the twerk team girl then they become valuable again *smh** We’re only good for our wombs and creating other black people looks like to me…

    • Tim

      Not, true at all I love me some dark-skinned, chocolate women. It’s too bad that they don’t know when someone wants to love them or care about them. I could also tell you some stories about 2 of the examples you mentioned one before fame and the other during it.

  • KG

    White boys are very smart.. They stick to the Fuckem but dont wifem rule. Maybe we should take notes…

  • Linda Davis

    Well, if she wants to get married she had better stay with this white dude because Common, with his old ass, and the rest of those negroes aint’ trying to marry nobody especially not a black woman. More power to Serena.