The World’s No.1 was spotted posing up a storm in a high-waisted, monochrome bikini for a photoshoot on Miami Beach, Florida on Monday.

She looks like she been drinking protein shakes and going heavy on the weights.


  • Greatness.

    • Realtalkin

      I dnt know much women that have muscles and a donk! Lol would i go in? No doubt about it.

      • Playboy69

        @Real… Preach! Serena Williams & Anowa Adjah at the SAME DAMN TIME would be Epic tho …The Chocolate Fudge Syrup would be running through Serena Williams & Anowa Adjah veins when its HAMMER TIME!…LOL!

  • 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU)

    I really like that bathing suit very cute and she looks alot softer/feminine here than those other pics of her when she was on the boat with that guy…

    • She is a guy LOL.

      • 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU)

        Ugh -__- so annoyed at that comment.. you guys praise and promote flab sag and fakeness so im not surprised at all

  • I’m sorry she just looks like a man to me *shrugs*. I’m sayn she got azz & a super toned body but I just don’t think she’s that weave & these early 90’s swimsuits don’t help either

    • Everyone’s intitled to their own opinion but at this point, we share the same. I thought the dude from the Green Mile died!!

  • LisaMcDowell

    the curve of her azz by itself is A++…..the rest of her…. uggghhh

  • Jake

    Serena Williams is one of the most successful tennis player in this era. Where as not too long a major black tennis star on this level were far and few. Williams set a standard in physicality and strength with the beauty of her blackness and curves. But knee-grows can’t be happy, you see she’s a women but because of her size, you call her a man. She’s athlete built to play a sport that requires speed, stamina,flexibility and strength. Bad enough she’s called all types derogatory of names on the court by spectators. But for her own people to put her down is shameful.

    • dmnq

      Shut up! Everyone has a damn opinion! You are defending this hoe like you are on her payroll. She doesn’t even know you even exist. Old captain save a hoe ass nigga! LOL! She is muscular like a man! I would fuck though!

      • ROFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

    • jamarxyz

      @Jake…no one is putting her down as a tennis player…her greatness cannot be denied….guys are saying she is not that attractive….it aint that serious.

      • Jake

        @jamarxyz, I was attempting put who and what she is in perspective. Serena is a pro athlete who is muscular in build as compared to a video vixen. The first thing come to my mind is she’s built for a women and successful at what she had accomplished. Some people first thought is she a man..WTF! I don’t get the it. dmnq called me captain save of hoe..LOL! She’s worth >90 million large. What type of hoe is that?

  • anom

    Serena you are beautiful, just as you are.
    A world champ, original in your own way.
    This women has to endure so much negativity
    about her appearance from black and white people.
    She stays cool under it
    and lets her tennis winnings speak
    for itself.
    Serena, baby come to Europe, I have
    a few hot italian male friends.
    Who think you are sexy as hell, muscalur
    or not!

  • Mr Seven

    I would f**k her pregnant on some Dave Chappelle/Oprah tip!

  • E-Dub

    She is thick as all out doors but once she retires from tennis she may blow up.

    Remember Zina Garrison. She was nice when she played and now.