She must have been out swimming, came upon a wedding party and they wanted to take pics with her. If he got caught looking at Serena’s donk by the bride it would of been the fastest divorce ever. Peep all the guys in the back just chilling with glasses on..


  • MGC Red

    Dudes on the left in pic 2 got their :datazz: faces on…

    Serena’s body looking softer in them pics…thighs looking right

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      All i need is 45 mins maybe 50 mins with her

  • Cakes(overtime)

    The bride looks beautiful… great dress,flowers I love a beach wedding

    • MGC Red

      You and @Moor getting married?

      • Cakes(overtime)

        Lol Moor? No he’s in a love triangle with Miller and PrezWard lol and plus I think he’s white and im not down with the swirl

        • MoorThugRelated

          You said @MoorThuggedOut white??+++++++??????


          You officially cut off and loony.

  • I bet serena got sum good tight wet coochie…dem darkskin chocolate females be havin sum real good coochie…hers might be the best in women sports…

  • President Ward


  • Inappropriate, Cmon Serena u know better

  • Prime706

    The bride fine as wine

  • CCG


    • roseyoung-stewart

      yeh right.. chocolate with nuts and fruit.

  • slick

    2nd pic only got one dude looking at the ass

  • roseyoung-stewart

    Move over guys, that azz can do a lot of damage