Serena Shows Off Her Small Waist,Thick Thigh’s & Dat Donk

· August 26, 2011

Venus Williams and Serena Williams attend the celebration of the new issue of Hamptons Magazine with cover stars Venus and Serena Williams presented by Grey Goose Vodka on August 25, 2011 in New York City.

Venus must feel some type of way when Serena outshines her at events like this.

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  1. T-Fleezee says:

    She looks Damn good here! Slugging!!

    • REX BROTHASOUL says:

      um n my book serena dont look all that good but wit make up THATS EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES IS “MAKE-UP” 4 all ur flaws but yes she do have a hood azz shape n she is very hittable!!!I WOULD MOST DEF POP HER OFF,BUT SHE AINT THAT CUTE WIT OUT THE EXTRA FESTIVITIES REAL TALK

  2. Southwest says:

    Venus got on so much make-up I didn’t recognize her. Talk about a wide margin in fineness between two sisters. I like Serena when she keeps it simple and just let her natural beauty show, although I prefer a perm to a natural. Hulk smash all day.

  3. B strait up says:

    where is the donk? Lol,serena lookin like a superhero

    • B strait up says:

      also serenas azz is not lookin like a “donk” in her black outfit here(no hate). I say that becuz if I recall correctly a certain bad azz chick was crucified recently about her azz when she was wearing black jeans lol. But I’m quite sure no one will say anything about serena,but if she was…u know who… wouldve been hunting season lmao……bp corp! Stop the hate lol,spread the love lol. And for the record hell yeah I would smash serena her sister???……uhh I’d rather go to sleep lol

  4. Cold and Hot says:

    Lawd jesus I need that T.D. Jakes gif right about now lol.

  5. cameo says:

    my d**k so hard for this woman ! whew

  6. true blackman says:

    flip it up rub it down she can get it

  7. D.A. says:


  8. ginoBrown says:

    For some reason every time I see a pic of Serena I think about ham-hocks and mustard greens.

  9. realtalkldn says:

    lool they looking mad tall, but damn serena is looking RIGHT!

    I think venus has accepted defeat she aint messing with her sisters sex appeal!

  10. Meyer Plansky says:

    2 thumbs down…great physique though… too dark… dude and Im pro black… just dont dig all dark women… just gotta have that thing that catches my eye… Im brainwashed… that shit is not feung sheui or something

  11. bullcity bandit says:

    SMH… that’s all I can do

  12. LETHALROG says:


  13. Shug (The Real Deal) says:

    I’d wax that Ass real good. he he he he

  14. jpari says:

    damn serena

  15. Gi Minor says:

    Serena…..Milk does her body GOOD!!!!!

  16. KingKushJaden says:

    I would diccc her dowm mayn

  17. ShowYAkNOW says:

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a man can fantasize

  18. enixam says:

    For all you ignorant Black men who commented on this article you are stupid. I never hear any other race of men talk about their women like you. You have no respect for Black women, but let a white woman of any other race except Black walk by, and your dumb a**es would do somersaults.

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