Scarlett is a O.G in the urban modeling world, her body is legendary. If you seen her in the night club from the front and didn’t immediately recognize her you would of when she walked away. She has classic videos floating around the web. Are you feeling Scarlett?






  • queso BP.1

    WHOOOA she definitely is a O.G. Been in the game 10yrs +…I got a bout a million lapdances from this chick lol..she use to live a few blocks from me actually. I know her cousin whole fam build like that!

    • MoorFedayeen

      *takes off Malcolm X glasses* But did you hit? That’s the only question my brotha

      • I AM REX !!!!!

        LMMFAO,@moor boy use a fool,but queso answer him my niccah?????lol…

        • Queso BP.1

          Lmao nah never beat.

      • Zuluphile


  • R.E.D.BP Monopoly

    I remember when I first seen her in the back of an XXL book back in 05……..She been in the game for a long damn time.

    She still can get it

    • queso BP.1

      @RED she had to have been out im thinkin like 99 at least!

      • It was around then, cuz i can remember looking at her on back in high school. lol I wonder if anybody remember ms. toni? She was like the first 50 inch butt model i remember, and set me out on my quest to knock down chicks with 50 inch asses

        • bob

          you know that miss toni is blac chyna’s mom right

  • Playboy69


  • TYBO2020


  • queso BP.1

    A a matter of fact i use to smash her girl Starlight..they was all on this site called NYCHOCOLATEMODELS..those were the days SMH

    • CO-SIGN Leila was dope as F*CK! But she fell off bad.

    • bighomie53

      @Queso,, Yo back in the day ny chocolate models was a good look, both them chicks you talkin about thick as hell… Scarlett don’t look like she changed much & she know she be killin a pair of jeans, Damn her A$$!!!!! #WP

      @P Ward,, That chick Leila had body & a ill shake-down she was one of my favorite, but i aint seen her in awhile why you say she feel off?????

      • Queso BP.1

        @big u knew about star? Yo when I first met her I recognized her azz before I saw her face lol. I knew exactly who she was. She use to work at this rite aid on Fordham rd in the Bronx. She put me on with some other chick’s from that Site..i ran through a lot of them.

      • Queso BP.1

        Leila got a cousin I can’t remember her name right now maybe lala this chick is bananas! Ain’t see her in years though

        • bighomie53

          @Queso,, Yeah i use to be on that site all the time back in the late 90’s early 2000,, a lot of them broads was so thick i wish i could’ve been as lucky as you to actually be in the presence of some of them cause wanted to smash a few of em…

          Oh & yea Lala is Leila sister she came after Leila had already been gettin down for a while…

          • Queso BP.1

            @big there was this Lil underground spot in harlem back then everybody smashing out etc a lot of them nychocolate model broads use to be up in there.

      • @53 go to xvideos and search Leila big booty.

        Check her out in the video with her braids.

  • Y’all know this Mizz DR momma.

  • Playboy69

    @Hahz… What ever happen to Pasha from the Nelly CLASSIC Video HOT IN HERRE… U need to do ANS Eye Candy True Vixen Story on PASHA…Real Talk

  • Juice

    did hahz delete my post???? Im threw with this sh1t

    • Juice

      what the hell wrong with this sh1t… i retract my last statement hahz.. this sh1t playing trick on me…. P.S She fat as f@ck

      • did you see her waist?

      • bighomie53

        @Juice,, aint nuttin fat but them thighs & that a$$…..

  • Realtalkin

    she defo remind me of someone thick azz mother

    • MoorFedayeen

      Because she is somebodies thick azz mama! And the kid aint 4 or 5 yrs old either. Prob damn near grown. YO Prez come getcha ya momma man, smh

  • Where is my mella @Rex?? I know he approves of this chick lol

    • I AM REX !!!!!

      Yes siiiir,strizzle u already know I’d be all up in that PHAT azz,CERTIFIED

  • downbydariver

    Yea scarlett thick as dey come#truelegend

  • 828heffe

    That Ass is STUPID! I remember seeing her on the net

  • nacious


  • dagreatpasquale

    Yo this chick been rocking it since 1998 on UV productions in NY back da day. I’ve collected her videos ever since, those sh1ts were on VHS! Her and Latin Spice were all a man ever needed in life!

  • tyuaza


  • wobeli

    Scarlett is bad, that 3rd pic is fire.

  • desolation

    kinda of a butterface imo.

  • Birdman202

    Yeah she thick… but no smash for me