Sasha Cream aka Sasha Star… “In urban communities, adult entertainers are popularly viewed as the female version of a hustler. Just as their male counterparts are trapped by black-market pharmaceuticals, the ladies mirror their position, except the product is themselves. A prime example is 28-year-old Sasha Star, a mother of one, seasoned stripper and po*** actress (in her off time she worked the pole for Jeezy’s Gabriel Hart–directed “Welcome Back”). For this Toledo, Ohio–born, Memphis-and-Atlanta-raised go-getter, it’s not about America’s societal opinions or capitalistic hypocrisy — just its dead presidents.” ‘Love Vs. Money’ from XXL Magazine
Sasha Cream has been featured in… + XXL Magazine – June + Sweets Magazine – July + Promo Video – June + ‘ATL Booty Shake 3’ Video – June + ‘ATL Booty Shake 4’ Video – June

  • H town

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  • Jake

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  • Damien

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  • kimbo

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