Sanaa Lathan, Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen & Desean Jackson Partying in Blok Nightclub (Pictures)

· October 19, 2012

Last night Blok Nightclub in West Hollywood was filled with best of the best. LA Dodgers Matt Kemp partied with National League MVP Candidate Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Philadelphia Eagles star Desean Jackson and his Jaccpot crew came through to pop a few bottles with Hennessy V.S. Like a true boss, BOSS star Sanaa Lathan joined in on the guys night. The festivities were filled with fun, laughter and great music.

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  1. R.E.D.Corp GOD says:

    Sanaa’s fine ass

  2. prime706 says:

    Sanaa is like a fine wine it gets better an better with age. 10

  3. Tony Money says:

    Hahz u like the atmosphere in Hollywood?

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