Samsung mocks overzealous IP enforcement in Super Bowl teaser ad Starring Seth Rogen

· February 1, 2013


Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to pitch their ideas for Samsung’s Big Game ad for The Next Big Thing, but they run into some hurdles.

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  1. Bessen says:

    My band just played a show on a local radio station. I was thoroughly amused at their pre-show guidelines:

    You cannot swear. Well, you can say damn and ass, but not any of the other ones.
    You cannot tell people that you are selling something.
    You cannot tell people that they should do something, or call them to any form of action (e.g. you may say that you have a website, but you cannot ask people to visit it)
    You cannot talk about the price of anything. (e.g. you can say that you have a show coming up, but not how much it will cost. You can say that you have an E.P., but not that it is $5.)

  2. Whoop says:

    That seems like a ridiculous restriction.

  3. 808s says:

    That is the stupidest sh1t ever

  4. SdotP says:

    Can you say the super bowl is an over hyped nonsense and super bowl commercials have sucked consistently for many years now?

  5. Atlien says:

    I really want to see more comedy with Bob Odenkirk, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen.

  6. Jsmannn says:

    They’re silently making fun of Apple for their lawsuit battle against them on copyright and patent issues. Apple likes to pretend like they own the rights to everything so they’re making fun about them. Samsung always makes fun of them and rightfully so….

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