An exploding cellphone is a users nightmare. A Samsung Galaxy S III exploded in the pants of 18 year-old Fanny Schlatter, and as you can see, it did plenty of damage to her thigh not to mention the handset. Now, we’ve seen people claim that their phone exploded out of nowhere only to find out later that the device was put in the microwave to cover up the fact that it had been dropped in the toilet first. Looking at this situation, one can see that this is not the case here.

There isn’t much information on what caused the explosion, but the victim’s paints had to be cut to prevent her from sustaining further damage. If you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to view the damage in the slideshow below. On the other hand, if blood and guts are your thing, we have a new pin-up for you.

The explosion took place at the girl’s place of employment and Samsung Switzerland said that it is investigating and will probably send the phone back to Korea for a an examination.

“Once we have been able to contact this person, we will launch a thorough investigation to shed light on the accident and, in this context, what is left of the phone will probably be sent to Korea. [Samsung submits its products to ] rigorous quality controls.”-Mirjam Berger, spokesperson, Samsung Switzerland

Sounds like something from a 007 movie.


  • MoorDetroitRed

    B1tches be like….

    …..Damn, my phone blowin up.

    • President Ward

      ^^^This fool…smh

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        And smh, see that nasty azz pic? @Red would still put his tongue down there though. Fuq wrong with these corp n1ggas

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  • @ P-Ward: +1 fam, the only take away apparently that Moor took away was a womp womp corny joke. #weak

    I smell a case coming @ Samsung soon if they don’t settle out of court soon with o girl…that burn on her skin looks pretty bad.

    I’m good w/ my blackberry.

    • MoorDetroitRed

      And who da fuq are you. Lil nigg

  • President Ward

    Crime shame the NSA got people cell phone blowing up on them.

  • Shizz

    Samsung will try to avoid a PR disaster and give her some bread probably. But im willing to guess the phone exploded because she did some stupid sh*t prior.

  • Ginger

    She does look like shes in her late 20’s early 30’s wit her depressed lookin ass

  • Bam6475

    I can see this happening for real. I have an s3 and before i rooted it i had the overheat problem. sh*t would get scary hot. The cpu in that phone can be clocked to about 2ghz with certain kernels and its something with certain apps that fu*ks with the software. needless to say i fixed all that now it doesnt go past 85 degrees. The s3 hardware has a serious flaw, they can and will explode if u dont pay attention to how hot it gets.

  • 1luv

    Damn this sounds like some sh!t CIA might do on a sneaky assassination.

  • The Next Big Thing Is Here, Boom,lol!!

  • What ring tone was that? LMBO!

  • MalleG’z

    At least she wasn’t carrying it in her bra like I see some chicks doing, now that would have been bad

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    She finna get HELLA PAID