55-year-old music mogul Russell Simmons will leave the night club with your girl. Uncle Russ stays with a new white PYT on his arm on the regular… You can say he is a old playa from the Himilayas!


  • Revenge of the coon

    I used to think of this man as some kind of hip hop hero. His rush card and his affinity for snowbunnies, reminded me of who he really works for.

  • Truthteller

    Word this is a cool ass dude

  • queso (The Corp)

    Uncle Russ keeps a PYT….he has to know these chick’s ain’t feelin him for his looks.

    • MoorDetroitRed


    • desolation

      pyt ? I don’t see it… I like all types of women but this chick aint even a blip on my radar. Also, I don’t know why these old ass niggas be trickin on or tryna date 20 somethings. It’s almost as bad as 40 yr old women who date young cats in a sad attempt to prove they still got it.

      • MoorDetroitRed

        Boy that’s a top model. Hood niggas ain’t gonna relate.

        • jamarxyz

          this man allready been with the hood chicks…a man on this level doesnt want to be around stress or some hood rat…he wants the pussy he wants and he’s gonna pay money for a relaxed time with a chick thats gonna play her role….give her the envelope and back to the office on monday.

          • desolation

            @ Moor : top model huh ? What’s her name then ? I’d give this man a handclap if she was worth it beauty wise but this chick is a duck in my eyes.

            @ jamar : trickin is LAME under any circumstances. I’m old fashioned so if it was me, I’d find a good lookin woman who was in my age bracket. niggas that trick are just lazy or have weak game.

  • jamarxyz

    @desolation….you didnt pay for this trick and its his money,his choice of woman…..he can afford to trick how ever he wants….a woman his age is probably not that exciting….wealthy men phuck with young chicks…do you see Hugh Hefner running after women his age…NO….them young ladies love that money and are willing to be with a old fart as long as he got the money and power…CASH RULEZ.