After shipping out some of its players last week the Memphis Grizzlies made a big time deal this morning shipping off the teams leading scorer to the Toronto Raptors. The deal features three teams the Memphis Grizzlies,Toronto Raptors,and possibly a third team.Memphis receives Forward Ed Davis along with veteran Jose Calderon who will possibly be shipped out to Detroit making this a three team deal. If the Pistons are indeed part of the deal Memphis is expected to swap Calderon out for either Tayshaun Prince or Corey Maggette. More coverage on this story via ESPN

  • Woww!!! Sorry Memphis fans smh

  • Murder

    Stupid for nothing Rudy hoops I feel he’s better or equal to zbo they dropped the ball

  • Mo

    woooooooooooooooooooooooow. damn rudy

  • He wants to be Kevin Durant but he can’t dribble and has too many turn overs.


    memphis is better now because their bench is better. Pistons are better because they got a starting PG that actually knows how to run an offense. Raptors…umm… i dunno what the hell they thinking

  • ginoBrown

    Obviously a money move, but still a dumb move in my opinion