Last night the promoter who booked Rosa Acosta, Sheneka Adams & Kyra Chaos was like Kenny Powers *Were going to have so many fukking Vixens in this motherfukker.. this Sh*t is going to go through the roof..*.  In all fairness Rosa and Kyra wern’t in the picture taking mood last night to really make this a fair competi*ion.. Who looked the best?

Who Looked The Sexiest Rosa Acosta, Sheneka Adams & Kyra Chaos

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  • hehe

    i’m going with shaneka because i dont know what kyra is going to do next.

    • R.E.X.!!!

      Even tho i cant stand sheneka GOLDIGGIN GROUPIE azz she wins this post because of those TIG OLE BITTIES,lol

  • BnBHP

    Sheneka is always classy and sexy….

    • +1. Sheneka is hot!!

    • crabapples

      yep. she’s a common hoodrat but gotta admit she’s always looking good, especially when she’s giving good brain in a sextape.

  • President Ward

    Triple pass. Neither one get’s my vote.

    • Playboy69

      @Ward…But Sheneka Adams is Team Chocolate bro…rep your set and use your Terrible Towel….Lol

    • Playboy69

      Give me Kyra Chaos cuz she Team Fairy Tales STRONG current starting five….Sorry Rosa….lol

    • R.E.X.!!!

      @Ward,why don’t u just come out the closet dog its ok now THE COAST IS CLEAR!!!!!


  • tHe kiD fRanKiE


    Certified 10

    • Big ALbert

      Rosa badder tho.

  • RED(MGC)

    Sheneka got them melons sitting up nice

    Wouldn’t mind sliding something thru them

    • MoorThugReleated

      You try that and I bet it wouldn’t even make it out the other side lil fella

  • KutDawg

    I’ma go w/ Sheneka, even though I don’t like her. But, at least we’ve seen her snatch on camera a few times! @#$@k is Kyra Chaos waitin’ 4? Tired of these pseudo-celebrities $%@#es that’s hoes but don’t show nothin.

    • Mitch_rapp

      +1 Lmbo

  • seanjohn100

    sheeka looks good but rosa is my queen so she wins