Rosa Acosta Looking Photo Shoot Fresh

· July 16, 2013


Rosa Acosta might not be featured on ANS as much as she used to a year ago but when she is her presence is felt… Check out her latest photo looking ooh so fresh.

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  1. jamarxyz says:


  2. CityNearYou says:

    ** in my playboy voice** Team fairytales STRONG… the crown ain’t safe!!

  3. Big ALbert says:

    She most def in my top 10.

  4. lazarus says:

    Rosa looking like crisp money. Still wanta climb that mountain.

    This message sponsored by the Wisdom of Solomon hiking boots.For the avid outdoorsman or woman(miller)lol. Who want to reach their peak

  5. BullnBearHP says:

    Rosa Acosta=Kegels=Good Sex…. “in that order”

  6. miller says:

    i just dont get the hype next

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