Diane Martel directed the latest Robin Thicke (NSFW) video Neptunes-produced track. This is the first single off Robin’s upcoming 6th studio album, releasing later this year.

  • whats next….fags walking around wit their…..

  • Paul

    Never seen this version didn’t know they was all naked this video makes no sense

  • 20/20

    This is someone’s weird twisted fantasy why are they topless? why is the poor baby lamb there? smh disgusting i dont want to go so far and say they’re trying to push beastiality buuuut..did u notice they put the clip of pharelll talking to the lamb when the line ‘youre the baddest bitc* in here’ played *sighs* very strange… two thumbs waaaay down and an eyebrow raise

    • annie

      Robin Thicke says they are trying to rid the taboo of nudity and bestiality with this video in an interview on VH1!!!

  • 20/20

    I cant get over this… is this song about taking womens virginity in a barn? Why dont these artists say no when ppl try to sell them these video ideas or when stylists put them in strange clothing do they not have any brains of their own…so T.I.. came on set and was like yeah this ish is hot smh lmao

  • Way too weird for my taste! Girls not hot! Wtf tip!