22-year-old Rita Ora stripped down to a cleavage-baring bikini to frolic on Nasimi Beach at Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai.

‘Xmas at the beach :)’ the bottle blonde tweeted to her 2.1 million followers. ‘We were on a roll lookin for a turkey….Then this happened….guess not then lol’

She needs turn her se*y up, she looks kind of dry to me. Thoughts?

  • President Ward

    She look good too me. I’ll give her an A-

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • presto 2.5

    Nothing at all special bout this broad at all…”Smashing then leaving before she wakes up”

    **Note on Pillow**…”Thanks…signed Presto”…(With dinner mint)

    • Playboy69

      @presto…PREACH! NOW this is WHITE GIRL FOR YOU… http://starforcehiphop.com/videos/jenna-shea-starforce-exclusive/ BLONDES STAY WINNING CONTINUES!…LOL!

      • @playboy69…..nevermind haha

        • Playboy69

          @rasheed…Jenna Shea should be BALLOT FOR 2012 ANS MODEL OF YEAR!…Jenna Shea is in my TOP 10!…ALL HAIL THE NEW QUEEN OF PAWGS!

      • presto 2.5

        Jenna is str8 for a pinktoe @Play…thick and pretty

        but the Michelin must be extra tight…2 Magnums is a must…

        “Dem TC’s cant fit Magnums…they on that whyteboy Trojan shyt”…lol

        • Playboy69


  • MoorFedayeen

    2million followers? Who?

    • Her skin color means #’s. U know this

      • MoorFedayeen

        Naw she a bad broad. Just didn’t recognize her. She messed with a Kardashian. She sorta like a Amber Rose with the ethnic features yet Euro skin tone. But her style in here is all shot up from the Golden Years swimsuit to the Dewayne Wayne sunglasses. Dubai is some fly ish though.


    Man i love me some Rita Ora! to me she looks like Rocsi and Gwen Stefani put together.

    • that’s a nice combo! @210 i’d smash rita ora,she pinot.

      • presto 2.5

        Boones Farm my dude…

        • haha @presto yeah,she probably have that on her list to do drinks. as for me,pear cider or idk sh1t,some fancy root beer haha

  • Guntoter 2

    You gotta be joking..nothing special there.

    • MASSACRE210

      sorry there’s no fake ass and titties on this chick.

      • presto 2.5

        Nope…Jus a subpar face…and a pityfuly shaped body

        When she turns 40-50…((Stop prest…dont hate))…ok

        to each his own @210!

        • MASSACRE210


  • MoorFedayeen

    Looked this jawn up. I rember her. These pics are weak because of that 50s style bathing suit. Plus her body language says she ain’t feeling too hot (or confident) in it either. Shouldnt of even took these.

  • Rick

    One of the coolest females i know
    she laid back as hell

    • @rick CHEF…how you living man?

      • Rick

        living life and yourself Rasheed

  • BullnBearHP

    basic as hell… PASS

  • BzB

    404 error bikini not found

    taking losses in her grandma bathing suit. need to hit the gym.

  • williedynamite

    one word… YUCK! lol

    • President Ward

      three words… FOH lmao

    • Jayrwatts

      One word, Homosexual!

  • Big ALbert


  • ginoBrown

    Decent, not spectacular