Is Rihanna going to end up over exposed? Last weekend she was shooting “What’s My Name?” music video in New York City’s Lower East Side on Sunday (September 26)

Directed by Philip Andelman, Rihanna’s latest project has yet to set a release date.

Rihana also recently completed the video for her hit song “Only Girl [In The World],” as she tweeted,

“What up #RihannaNavy I’ve been busy being the “Only Girl In the World” wanna see more?!?!”

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  • to b honest I personally think her career is over. She’s never been a good singer & her music is average,now she’s only good for a hook on a rap song & the funny thing is young chris brown is on his way back to the top. Karmas a bitch strait up!

    • whocares

      your so right