Tuesday night Rihanna aka Badgalriri was tip toeing on her marble flo in nothing but a thong.  Luckily for her Instagram followers we got a visual of what she was talking about.



NSFW Picture

  • bloggette

    Where’s the AZZ ??? ( … and I already clicked on the NSFW link … )

    • Realtalkin


      • +2. This chick is weak. Only smashing cuz she’s famous

        • Mister Mister

          Pretty much. She’s tall & slim, but she’s been a lil thicker. Still on attention whore status though.

          But I’d still smash

    • presto 2.5

      broad needs rehabilitation…intervention…or a timeout in a damn corner somewhere…

      “You are not as fly as “They” say you are…” ….yall niccas betta keep it real on these social sites…cause these fools think they’re something they’re not….

      with that said….”That lil donk is pityful ma…the drugs are making you look sickly”

      • 1luv

        Lol, different strokes for different folks.

  • Rihanna><Karrueche..the thought of the two of them at once is hard to fathom..law and order case waiting to happen

  • President Ward

    I’ll tear that azz up real talk.

  • Korgull

    Love it!

  • Piff

    Nice lil petite broad. Laaawwwwddd…

    Sent Collect from the Fulton County Correctional Facility using pay phone.

    • Mister Mister

      “Sent Collect from the Fulton County Correctional Facility using pay phone.”

      LMAO!! Hold up, Shirley you can’t be serious?!

  • D_rugs

    since her father commented about her getting fat, she has gotten mad skinny.