Rick Ross and Young finally faced off during the taping of the BET Hip Hop awards today in Atlanta.

The two rappers, who have a long-standing feud, allegedly got into an altercation backstage at the awards show in Atlanta, on Saturday. Security needed to step in after Ross, 36, and Jeezy, 34, began to push and shove each other after a shouting match.

The scuffle soon moved outside to the parking lot, where MTV News writes that shots were fired, and at least one man was said to be arrested. Though a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department  told TMZ that the reports of shots fired appear to be untrue,” and some sources say that the alleged shooter was simply in possession of a gun, many outlets report there was gunfire at the scene.

No serious injuries have yet to be reported. According to MTV News, Ross’ protégé Gunplay was also involved in a fight with members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit group, but was not arrested.

  • I AM REX !!!!!

    U can take the n*gga out the ghetto,BUT U CANT TAKE THE GHETTO OUT THE N*GGA,smh @ these classless animals

    • jayevans20

      You beat me to the punch. These clowns are making a lot of money what they are doing. Why risk it all for some stupid beef? Blacks folks, this is yet another reason why we are behind. We can’t get along.

  • MoorFedayeen

    That Pac vs Big beef permanently ruined rap because since then execs have been pushing cats to beef for extra fanfare and independents see it as a way of making a name too. I doubt these 2 threw blows and there’s no video of it to prove it. And 1 dummy got arrested too. This is Boondocks type stuff and its embarrassing to all blacks.

    • Reese215

      this ish>>>wwe. thats basically what it is.

      • Playboy69

        @Reese U mean this ish = WWE! So Rick Ross = THE BIG SHOW! Jeezy =JOHN CENA (HUSTLE, LOYALTY, RESPECT) & FLEX = Micheal Cole THE ANNOUNCER…LMAO

        • Reese215

          lol i’ll take john cena in a rap beef, he can fight and he can rap!

          • Playboy69


    • presto 2.0

      hello @Moor…”You still mad at me bro?”…lol

      who givs a fuk?…clownazz nicca!

    • PapiChulo

      @moor TruStory, honestly when in comes to superstar rap beefs the only people exhcanging fists or pulling guns are the bodyguards, both jeezy and Ross are heavily guarded and add ciroc, fake entourage and groupies, with record execs wanting beef for publicity and its easy for a rapper to feel himself and talk shiiit when they know they got a mini secret service crew of bodyguards around them.

      And on another note i doubt record company keeps bodyguards on dem because they truely care, they most likely do it because they have multi million dollar policies on these rappers

      but pulling out my popcorn tuned in

    • S.W.ATL MADE

      Go check out Farakhan on world star speaking on hip hop

      • MoorFedayeen

        +1 Papi and SWAT on point too. Like Dr Khalad said (RIP), our black youth are under a spell; intrigued by the drum. And they will continue to march 1 by 1 over the cliff until this filthy music, that we don’t even control is wiped clean from our community.

  • Playboy69


  • BzB

    “they should have never gave you ninjas money!!” -rick james

  • TYBO2020


  • scog81

    Damn. I heard it was right before the chris lighty tribute. Also Heard 50 Cent crew jumped ross homeboy Gunplay. N1GGAs!!!! Lol

  • Time to grow up.

  • Juice World

    black folks…. smh niggaz cant even act right a award show…

    • MoorFedayeen

      stfu. Who you foolin? B1tch you aint black. You a white troll.

      • presto 2.0

        ^^^^…softer than the whyteboyz you pick on

        “Dont speak to me”…lol

  • slick

    reminds me of the vibe and source awards days. these dudes have no respect for black events. you never hear of this shit happening at the amas vmas or mtv

  • Reese215

    g unit got gunplay tonight also. here why they did


    • presto 2.0

      this is what i’ll do to @Moor’s azz in “The real world”…thinkin he gangsta and shyt…nicca be cyberthugin…lol

      put his azz in the NeverNeverland…

      “soundin like a hoe…jus made it worse”…lmao!

    • Playboy69

      @Resse…LMFAO! 50 Cent = GENIUS! Gunplay just GOT PLAYED!

  • Birdman202

    50 plays with the wrong dudes… someone is gonna body him one day. Gun play is not an industry dude he will squeeze off himself. Go pull up his response to getting snuffed.

    • Playboy69

      @Birdman…GUNPLAY & MMG could NOT bust a grape in a FRUIT FIGHT!…LMAO! “50 CENT Voice” GGGGGGGG-UNIT!…LMFAO

      • PapiChulo

        Lol @Birdman Gunplay look like a str8 fool, its about two videos on youtube where he got his cokehead azz dropped str8 on the pavement,

        and as far as 50 getting it you must not know, 50 roll deep and i aint talking basic azz hood dudes, 50 got that real SECRET SERVICE ENFORCEMENT , i promise he might have more security than the vice president

  • Southwestern

    Ain’t both of these nuhs on Def Jam? A collaboration on a staged fight. Silly nuhs will sell they soul and do anything.

  • Big ALbert

    …..At least no good rappers were involved. I’m equally not a fan of either.

  • PapiChulo



  • Birdman202

    Ya’ll reppin 50 yeah he roll deep with the police cause he know ppl ain’t gonna try the police. When you roll like that your scared of something or someone.

  • Birdman202

    I can asure you that their will be someone that will go at him the same way dudes wanted to pop diddy that night but shyne saved him. If shyne didn’t squeeze diddy might not be here today.All i’m saying id just cause you got money you can’t billy or disrespect the next man cause it’s always somebody that’s willing to blast. Mark my word 50 will get his one day.

    • PapiChulo

      Feel ya but ,BUT ROSS AND HIS CREW came at 50 first out of the blue , what was he supposed to do be silent, that aint his characther and the rap game aint nothing but CB4 nothing more nothing less.

      As far as jeezy and Ross , Jeezy ran his mouth and ross just retaliated , YOUNG JEEZY WAS out of line for dissing Ross ON BMF track, Jeezy is not nor was he ever a memeber or apart of BMF, thats why ROSS CALLED him the water boy.

      THE song was on point because ROSS has made an entire living off of other people names but Jeezy wa the wrong person to check him on that when he himself wouldnt be shiiiit without BMF boosting his career

      Honestly its entertaining to me they want to act like actors and ima watch like a movie , my popcorn out

      • reefmoney


        Now let me ask you this, what exec tells Jeezy hating ass to say something to Ross?

        What exec tells Ross to respond to Jeezy?

        Do yall know how yall niggas sound, we are talking about hood niggas here…and since WHEN did a hood nigga need EXTRA motivation to approach a nigga who is DISRESPECTING him.

        Think of it like this, Moor you from D right? I know niggas from the D that’ll kill you over a PERCEIVED slight? and guess what NO radio execs involved.

        Niggas fight Niggas and NIggas kill Niggas…..guess why…CUZ THEY NIGGAS!!

        If a white man is going to get a profit off it….he will…shiiiiiit if a black man can get a profit off it (Suge/Diddy) he will…but this rap beef shit is started from them…not labels.

        • PapiChulo

          Sad but TruStory bra!!

  • Birdman202

    Well put… cats be on 50 nuts like he dat dude. This guy has had one hit record and that was 9-10 years ago. But because he got money ppl wanna make him relevant hood niggas don’t care about your if they get disrespected they go in. Video up of the so called fight

  • Leroy79

    Has rap award shows become the new WWF?
    This is so silly, it’s almost unbelievable.

  • LD

    Birdman = gunplay ….50 had way more than one hit…anyway the common denominator here is Rick Ross crew and their want to be drug lord, kingpin, persona….every where this fool and his crew goes its and issue….Detroit, MTV awards, bet awards, source awards, ..etc it goes on with this fake ass dude

    • Playboy69


  • PapiChulo

    Honestly and historically there has and prbably will always be fights at hiphop awards, the very nature of freestyle involves dissing, embellishing, and fakness, super hero raps off the dome, then add liquor, hype men, yes men, groupies, money, greed, ho3s , and egos and it dont take a rocket scienctist to see that a fool will act out.

    It takes a special real azz n.gga to handle and compose himself like a G amongst all that bullshiit, 80% of them WWD azz nggaz got mini secret service memebers and wouldnt be shiit without em.

    THE SOURCE, OZONE, NOW BET etc etc will alwayz have beef, DR.DRE SUGE AND dem n.ggaz ruined and took the game to another level with this WWE SHIIT

    PLEASE I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GO WATCH “CB4” It truely was ahead of its time

  • PapiChulo

    Another funny thing is that you dont see dem Kracka’s like TMZ at our shiit thats one good thing about it

    Side note , Cashout should be ashamed of himself SMH

  • Birdman202

    What it all boils down to is ppl don’t like you when your hotter than them. Jeezy is a man show where are the CTE artist. 50 one man show their is no more g unit. So all this beefing is wack.

  • PapiChulo

    Tru and despite all the bullshiiit none of them ever did hardtime none of them have rap sheets, aint saying that jail and a rap sheet makes to tuff but at same time ROSS AND 50 cents aint never been to jail a day in their life, well ross worked in the JAIL, But both ROSS AND 50 stole the names of mini steet kingpins and used it to build their careers, the whole game is fcuked up

  • LD

    Not that it matters but 50 did a Lil time ..so did Ross, only Ricky was working..lol

  • 1luv

    Co turned rapper vs a trapster, I wonder who will win. Hungry Ricky or Young Jeezy.