The duo of Ricky Rozay and Jay-Z strikes again today with another new release ‘The Devil Is A Lie’ produced by KE On The Track, which serves as the second single from Ross’ forthcoming fifth album Mastermind. The album which was originally set to release this month will now arrive in stores top of 2014.

  • Hard. Ross and Hov hammered it and the beat stands out. Ross is 2/2 with these singles now.

  • Yaz

    Jay-Z’s verse is surprisingly refreshing but I can only handle so much of Rick Ross yelling “The devil is a lie”. The beat’s pretty nice too

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      nice beat, but cant help but look at the title of track and then look back at ross who took his image and basically whole lifestylle from another man

      DEVIL is a LIAR

  • XOXO

    I feel like this song would of been perfect for Django Unchained

  • facts

    Jay Z made Ross’s verse sounds like doo doo

  • zip_king

    Ricky and Jay both brought their A game and that beat is just too nasty. Gonna be bumping this on repeat for days.

  • N8

    Rozay gonna come through with something nice for Mastermind. He gave Jay Z his best song of 2012, and gave push one of his best verses for his album. Mastermind gonna be Teflon Don/Rich Forever level.

    And people who still dont fuck with Ross need to stop blindly hating, this shit is undeniably dope.

  • jamarxyz

    devils come in all shades…no lie.

  • Macika

    Should do a Souther Kings Remix. Y? Trick Daddy would do just fine. Plus Rick kinda sound like Trick in this one.

  • Omen

    The awakening is happening on Blacks DNA.. The “Devil” initially was supposed to be all black People and its nations. Satan in Hebrew only means Adversary/Enemy. White people, which were created 8000 years ago from genetic mutations of the Reeces and Gibbons Monkeys, were created as human vehicle bodies to help in the exterminiation of the Angelic Race of Black beings. On a Scientific Level, Which alot of black people are unaware of, Blacks hold the Divine Blueprint of 12 Strands of DNA, The Same DNA of the Gods. Each strand has Base Codes (Magnetic Energy) and Acceleration Codes (Electrical Energy. When Born , we are born with 3 strands activated.. which means the Mental Body, Physical body and Emotional body.. for a “3dimensional Experience”.. After the age of 12 our bodies are natrually supposed to recode DNA to transmute the bode into God Seed. During the Fall of atlantice in 9000b.c, which was an advance black civilzation and where the stargate was located, There was a frequency fence that was created in Space to prevent people from the age of 12 and up from their bodies to natrually recode their DNA from the 4th strand to the 12th to become fully activated called the NET or “the netting” in Bibilical terms. Because of this happening, Blacks had shorten life spans, no magical powers and, their Mana (magic) was change to ManE or Man. this is where the concept of “Man” came from and Human came from changing the Hue of a Man to make it White… so later we were called “Hue Man” or Human. living life with only 3 strands of DNA active casues the bodies cells to begin the aging process because the seal that was place on our Chakra system. our cells deteriorate due to blokages in the chemical compounds and this is what causes old age and death.. The frequency fence is similar to when they put a crown of thorns on jesus head in biblical terms. If you quarentine the mind then the body will deteriorate. Stress and fear are by products of the frequency fence because cells die faster when certain hormones are secreted in the body . this is the reason why they always put fear in tv like the news, wars, etc. the money system is a by product of stress.. the more stress you are in.. the more you are unable to produces endorphines from the pineal gland to help recode your DNA to higher strands.. the key is to keep people at low dna as long as possible until the body naturally molecular compacts.. Many legions of fallin beings for hundreds of thousands of years have tried to whipe out blacks, but the secret to our survival and activation is within our own DNA.. the last thing they want is for us to eat healhty, live happy, do yoga, meditate, because we will recode and become active.. becoming activated means activating all 12 senses we have.. not just 5.. and also your avatar body will incarnate into your body.. so the whole concept about the Devil is a lie.. it doesnt exist is what they are trying to say.. We are Gods and nothing less.. we just have to recode our DNA.. its not (junk) its the secret to knowing all things, telekinesis, levitation, turning water into wine, parting red seas, ..etc… the burning bush is our nervous system when changes the body from dark matter of carbon, into silica, then into liquid crystal plasmic light. or “the christ” because the crystals are around us in our Nadi system in our DNA.