Although many people are speculating that the Rick Ross drive-by shooting was album promotion, Rick Ross isn’t showing any signs that that’s the case. The MMG rapper is upping his security following the Monday shooting.

TMZ reports that Rozay has hired 24-hour armed personal security in order to guarantee his safety. Although the Bawse already had bodyguards for live events and appearances, now he’ll have full-time security.

Sources say Ross has been receiving threats for awhile, but he wasn’t too concerned. However, the attempt on Monday was an “eye-opener.”

It’s only a matter of time till 50 cent replies to this on Twitter. It’s easy to clown some one till your put in their shoes, didn’t Ross talk about 50 having security?

  • BzB

    officer ricky called up some of his buddies on the force to look out for him.

    i still think his attempted shooting was duck tales. even a blind man can pull up next to a car and hit it at least once after shooting “more than a dozen” shots.

  • same dude clowning 50 for having a ton of security with him. SMH

  • Them chickens is comin home to roost.

  • “you know i str8 got goons from columbia cartel with AK’s with double ducktape clips guarding me at all times. We dont rock with cops around here. My squad got 50 bulletproof maybach’s with 60 cal machine guns on the roof on some death race shit BAWSE!!!”

  • “I can put 1000 gangstas in any hood”~Rozay

    • MoorFedayeen

      Hahaha. Fables he told

  • ginoBrown

    I guess sh*t just got real

  • ballin

    this is for his album promo, I live in Miami and nobody believe this ish, cause this punk named ross got to much ties down here, this is to promote his album, who is gunna shot the only dude that putting Miami on the map, dude fucking wit the zoe, the top 6, the Jamaican posse and recently the mara gang got artist signed on maybach latino so who the hell this punk tryna play now? rick don’t care about gangs all he wants its yall buying his album, like the title said mastermind….




    shouldve been done that

  • 1luv

    Where his gangsters at, talking about he always roll deep with goons. He just been exposed again and yet the dummies is still going to buy his music and make him rich!

    • ballin

      nigga are u serious, you think someone gonna shoot you n front of your goons ??? smh internt tug wit no brain