Rick Heltebrake Says He Should Be Rewarded For Information On Christopher Dorner

· March 8, 2013

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Rick Heltebrake has put in his claim that he deserves the $1.2 million that was set for information on Christopher Dorner whereabouts. Heltebrake was the car jacked victim who called 9-1-1 informing police of the incident which helped them track the wanted man back to the cabin in the mountains.

Rick Heltebrak who serves as a scout ranger at a nearby camp claims that he was headed towards Highway 38 when he was “allegedly” car jacked by Dorner said:

 “If they were to back out of this reward and not pay it out to deserving people and claim a technicality in the language, or something like that, maybe there was some justification to some of the complaints Dorner was making,”

A representative from the LAPD has spoken out about the claim stating that they are not the ones who are in charge of distributing the reward that is done by the mayor himself.

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  1. Truthteller says:

    Smh a bunch of devils in the LAPD building

  2. MoorFedayeen says:

    RIP. Tell Malcolm and Natt I said what up

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