How much would it cost for you to get on stage at a party and do your job for an hour? For Kanye West, it would take at least $1 million. For Eminem, it would take double that. 

That’s right—the two hip-hop icons allegedly turned down big-money offers from NFL owners to play at a Super Bowl party this February.

According to TMZ, NFL owners are throwing a private gala for the Super Bowl and were looking to procure an A-list artist to perform for the 1,500 lucky people on the guest list.

The owners’ primary targets have allegedly rebuffed their advances, though, according to the gossip site.

Their report states that, like Eminem’s $2 million figure, Kanye West’s terms were allegedly too steep. Apparently, Yeezy wanted big money and too much garnish on the side.

“It was $1 million…plus a lot of other perks,” according to one of TMZ’s sources.

  • 757mayne

    Can you really blame them..get it while it last’s because it wont last

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Not even that kanye deserves at least a mil from them cheap crackers but won’t let them do a halftime show foh