Rasheed Wallace appears to have been eating good since  re-injuring his left foot in April.

Is it possible the Knicks can require him to dress for Game 4 just so we can see how funny he looks in a uniform? Although the street clothes version of Rasheed is pretty enjoyable too. Looks like he stumbled off the set of Carlito’s Way.


  • http://www.atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000 (MEGACORP)

    Damn!! Sheed was my man too,great in his prime

    • http://atlnightspots.com M0311

      Can’t argue that!

  • bloggettee

    Them buttons are about to pop ……

  • http://youngsity.com YoungSity

    at least he ain’t broke and starving

  • http://krooksbigbootys.blogspot.com/ OneSlugManagement

    Hey.. he got his championship. Live life Sheed.

  • http://atl EMOtional-_-razor

    them buttons begg’n for mercy lmao