Mark Dice is a media an**yst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

In his latest video Mark exposes Rick Ross for in his words being a “Fake Freemason, Flabby Fat Slot and Identi*y Thief.”

Via Thisis50

  • MoorFedayeen

    Vid was a waste of time. Doesn’t matter what he is because its clear to see what he is, what he was and who he works for. He pushes lyrics and a lifestyle far more damaging then the real Rick Ross to our youth.

  • Well said Moor, well said. Good to know that ur not bamboozled by the “bawse” aka fraud that pushes nonsense music to our youth.

  • Birdman202

    Hell you would rather be a fake free mason than a real one. If that’s the cause then he’s tricking those illuminati folks. Didn’t have too watch the video this guy acts like being a free mason is something too be proud about. Cyber slap on monday for this white boy

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    What else is new, honestly Ross probably dont even know what a mason is, he was just name dropping as usual like he always does


    boobie boys

    albert anastasia, big meech, larry hoover, NOREAGA, Just a few names drops he has namedropped

  • DCAssLuva

    william roberts is a pusssy name tho i call him william the cop alot fuck officer ricky

  • Taper g

    Pissed i watched this shit i thought he had facts kendrick lamar said is best u think they wud let a black man in the fuckin illuminati

    • Reverend Sanford

      Of course they would. The way to further your agenda is to make one of them your own.

  • fuxkupayme

    Mark Dice sounds a little salty toward Diddy and Jay-Z… I wonder why…lol… Because they both rich as hell and he’s not? Because they both Africa American and very successful? I mean it just my observation…lol

    • Jamez

      you kno dem white people still hate rap but will crown eminem the king of rap anyday

    • Mister Mister

      Yeah, I dunno why folks even entertain this

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    You knows the funny things is that Rick Ross has told us so much information on MOBB AND GANGSTERS trough his lyrics that he could probably be a guest professor on Crime History at a University, but the IRONIC THINGS IS THAT NO one really knows Robert Williams, all these verses about weight, this that and the other, but so far he has only mentions 5 words total about his C.O gig.


    I guess this pecker wood really drop some knowledge that we didn’t know…….

  • presto 2.5

    LOL…”Yall think this FreeMason shyt is a joke”

    “I put yall on the quote Jay rockin on his shirt…”DO AS THOU WILT” – Aleister Crowley before…meaning do as you wanna do cause…(In todays terms)…YOLO right?…yeah right you undisciplined clowns!

    and it baffles me how ppl say…”You think they would allow a Rapper in the illuminati?”

    First throw that household term away…its FREEMASON now…and freemason is about “control”…a cult thinking they are smarter or more “Enlightened” than the average person…cause “they” hold the secrets of Eygptian Ancestors…using Mathmatics…Astrology…and rituals…they kno about the deception of the ppl thru media…have scientist to stray the questioning everything…and keep the ppl without the true knowledge of a spiritual universe…the possiblities of the human body thru meditation…and the truth about a spiritual afterlife…”they” blind you with movies…to shift the human mind from reality…they use music cause certain wave lenghts can effect the body and subconscious…add in the right message and you have a certain type hypnosis goin on…thats why some songs make you feel like fighting…smoking…sexing…or jus jumping around…some songs make you wanna “Boss” and make you feel like you are them(the Star)…and have you chasing “DREAMS” for the rest of your lives…instead of living a Spiritual Life…and REALLY LIVING life **I’ll Stop**

    they use these ppl yall idolize…to control you…1 million followers?…sign this paper…go threw this initiation and sign your life away for us to control…”Us” being the holders of the key you wish for….”STARDOM AND FAME…MONEY”…**Brakes for real prest**

    • 4xtra

      deez niggaz cannot RELATE to what u sayin…
      I understood everything u said but niggaz be dick ridin so hard they cant see any other point….

  • LouieV

    Who cares rap is entertainment. I never take the content serious. Its all about rapping dope lyrics that sounds nice on a beat.

  • Preach LouieV….It’s all intertainment. I know Rick Ross is a fake and he aint the only one. 90% OF THESE RAPPERS HYPE COME FROM HIGHSCHOOL KIDS. If you take any of these fake, gangsters, drug dealers, and murderers serious, it”s obviously you are weak minded! PERIOD!!!!!

    • presto 2.5

      kids are “Weak minded”…right?

      you think they targeting you?…the grownman?…no

  • Rick Ross is a real artist who even makes me feel like a gangsta without violating the law. am also Larry Hoover let the gangsta disciples come and step on my feet and they will be dead meat.