Rapper Lil Durk’s baby mama is _____?

  • President Ward


  • Big ALbert

    She look like a “Before” picture

  • Big ALbert

    The matching Burberry outfits tho……..

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Yea I must be our the loop. Niggas still do Burberry besides the cologne?

      And she kinda get a pass cause she may have been a fly snow bunny. Its cool that he’s with his bm all through the pregnancy

      • RED(MGC)

        You still rocking Platinum Fubu stop acting like you up to date

        • MoorDetroitRed

          Lil nigga its better then the shit you find in the dumpster or them cloths drives for the homeless you get your gear from.

  • The best he can do.

  • CuzIsaidSo

    Lil WHO??? Since ive never heard of him, i’ll try to find something nice to say..they look like they deserve each other.

  • K.O.


  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    Lol ctfu at all the comments…Lil Durk is a cutie pie and she gets a pass bc she’s pregnant a baby can turn a maid into a monster or vice versa it just depends on the person

  • Buck


  • Why her hands that damn big!!

  • 828jeffe

    If that’s who hold him down then more power to him. IVE SEEN WAYYYYY WORSE!

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)


  • BrownSugar

    Who the HELL is he???

  • Realtalkin

    who the hell is lil durk? and his honey aint nothing to brag bout neither

  • Teddy Rosevelt

    This aint even need to be posted.

  • HellNah

    This dude gotta GTFO my iPod if this is how he’s rollin’. MAAAAAN!

    • gilianno


  • Greg4422

    He should of played his on song before he get with that great white whale.

    Dis Ain’t What U Want

    • gilianno

      lol killing me

  • west4540

    ugly as f**k

  • RED(MGC)

    Looking like Mike Ditka in the face

  • The Truth’s Word


  • NoWhiteInMyCup



    Damn if you get a snowbunny at least make sure she’s not ghetto as Fuck. Defeats the whole purpose!

    • miller

      oh right cause only black women are ghetto you dumb ass hell

  • bigpat101


  • 1luv

    LOL, if I am going to hit something like that, I am putting two on.

  • crystal

    Ya all sum haters ya dont even know the girl

  • crystal

    She looks way better in person

  • Yo WTF

    Yo wtf bro yo I had the baddest bitches in the city, and you telling me that’s his wife?

  • Did anybody go to the bop a thon in chicago… I saw lil durk get stole off.. he didn’t do shit.. but didn’t he make a song talmbout this ain’t what you want.. its clear that he not on shit.. if you let a mf bust off you… fse!!!