Last night Boston Celtics All-star point god Rajon Rondo was in attendance at the 2 Chainz show at the House of Blues in Boston. Rajon didn’t get any VIP treatment he was trying to stay lo key with his lady friend, looks like she wasn’t trying to do the same.


  • WildWild

    Was she sitting behind him or something…How that happen…lol..??? Glad he got a sistah tho!

  • DonkRida

    Who cares about that bîtch nicca?!

  • Pceezy

    ,,,,,damn tell em why u mad son?!?

  • Big ALbert

    He got terrible taste in music.

  • to the writer of the post, the term point “god” is a bit o-d(overboard) if u ask me – Rajon Rondo is a human, not a “god” – that’s how the Western society tends to idolize folks…Rajon is nice for sure, but calling o boy a “god” is border out of line…