Rah Ali & Ms. Dé Cordon faceoff too kick off the 4th of July…Who Looks The Best?

  • President Ward

    Rah ali = That’s a n*gga!

    • james

      u crazy

  • 828jeffe


    • KutDawg

      Str8 up. They both thirst buckets tho. I’m glad this instagram #$#t gives niggas a way 2 c new ass. But I won’t be mad when it’s gone–so these $#$#$# stop thinking they’re important.

      • Tell em why you mad son..

        • KutDawg


          • NoWhiteInMyCup

            @KutDawg, yeah bra they both THOTS especially rashida with her flaggin fronting

            Howver as far as just smashing these broads, you cant go wrong either way , both got a nice shape good for smashing

  • Billy The Kid

    Going with rah, body is crazy thick in all the right places. Wearing that black dress we never making it to that event, hotel if lucky. Probably be still in the parking lot. That’s what tints were made for

  • Jfizzle

    Yo Rah in that Pink! Dammmmn

  • Billy The Kid

    Lmao @ the thumbnail. Yo these extreme injections gotta stop, these women starting to look like caricatures

  • MoorThugRelated

    Black gurl

  • RAH ali is thick as hell! Big ass tits and a phat ass. She looks much better without those ratchet ass weaves she used to wear

    • lazarus


  • Miller

    I’m going with rah

  • bobevil

    Rah Ali is looking right!

    • Playboy69


  • MGC InfaRED


  • Big ALbert

    Definitely rocking with MsDecordon

    Rah’s face & voice do nothing for me *kanye shrug*

  • rah ali needs sum good long dick in her life…

  • lazarus

    im weak for thickness, rah frame would keep me in the crib. we online for everything. milk,cigs,aromatherapy. I’d need sunlight. smh

  • Voice_Of_Reason

    Rah!!!!!! Swimsuit, pink outfit, and the black dress

  • SCOG

    Rah Ali… Supathick Azz….

  • Realtalkin

    Rah so sexy